Gluten Free Vegan Baking In the Comfort Zone

GF Vegan Carrot Cake Muffins

It’s taken me two years to get somewhat comfortable with gluten free baking… All my life, I had only used wheat flour for baking, and suddenly at age 65, I couldn’t any more. I didn’t realize how much I depended on gluten for success in baking until it was gone. I had to use all […]

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Top 10 Vegan Winter Soup Recipes

Quinoa Chili

10 Thick, Rich, Hearty, Meal-In-A-Bowl Winter Soups from Savvy Vegetarian When it’s cold and snowy, and the days are short and dark, I just want to stay in with a good book and a bowl of hot sustaining soup. I get my exercise shopping for soup ingredients and cooking the soups. On days I actually […]

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Closed: One Dish Vegan Cookbook Giveaway

One Dish Vegan, 150+ Soul Satisfying Recipes for Easy One Dish Meals Congratulations, Ilene Klang – Winner of the One Dish Vegan Giveaway! One Dish Vegan by Robin Robertson, much loved author of many delicious, useful and adaptable cookbooks for vegans and vegetarians. One Dish Vegan is an ideal cookbook for busy people, for one […]

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The EZ Tofu Press Saves the Day

EZ Tofu Press

The EZ Tofu Press: Savvy Vegetarian Review I didn’t know how much I needed a tofu press until Ben Aron sent me his EZ Tofu Press to try out. The EZ Tofu Press works great, super easy to use, sturdy, simply made with food grade plastic and stainless steel hardware. I’m sure it will last […]

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Delicious Nutritious Millet – The New Quinoa


Millet Is the New Quinoa: Versatile, delicious & nutritious like quinoa, but way cheaper & greener Most of us in N. America see millet as bird seed, or hippy food. In other places, it’s grown as animal feed, and it’s being looked at as a possible ethanol source. But millet is so much more! In […]

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Tofu Recipe Contest – Vote for Your Favorite!


The contest is over. Congratulations to Stephanie Littlefield for her winning recipe, Tofu ‘Fish’ Tacos Lemon Tofu Custard Cups : Alexa Krueger’s easy healthy vegan custard dessert recipe is light and refreshing, low fat, low sugar, although not low calorie – which is why it’s so blissfully satisfying. With the help of a food processor, […]

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Naturally Sweet & Gluten Free Giveaway

Win This Allergy Friendly GF Vegan Cookbook Giveaway Open to U.S. & Canada Only – Sorry Everybody Else! You’re going to LOVE Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free, Allergy Friendly Vegan Desserts, Ricki Heller’s long awaited new cookbook. This is the kind of cookbook that you tell all your friends about, and even give copies to […]

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Tofu Recipe Contest at Savvy Vegetarian

9.26.13: Contest is Now closed to Entries We had 36 awesome entries!! Many thanks to everyone who entered their favorite tofu recipe. This last weekend in Sept., I’ll be going over all of the entries and picking 3 semi-finalists – and it’s going to be really really hard!! Then I’ll test and photograph my three […]

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10 Best Vegan Sandwich Recipes

Tempeh Bacon Sandwich

Savvy Vegetarian’s Bestest, Most Favorite & Most Popular All Vegan Sandwich Recipes My feelings about sandwiches are expressed perfectly in the song I Like Sandwiches, written by Bob King and performed by Canadian children’s singer Fred Penner. My kids and I knew Fred Penner’s sandwich song by heart and sang it daily. When they’d ask […]

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Celebrating the Last of the Fresh Peaches

fresh peaches

Peach season is winding down and with pangs of regret, I celebrate the Last of the Fresh Peaches I’m crazy about peaches, especially fresh ripe tree-ripened local organic peaches, but any peaches will do. And peaches are happening now in Iowa! For the past 6 weeks, we’ve had a steady, relatively cheap abundance of Georgia […]

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