Vegetarian Diet & Health Over 55: Lower Cancer Risk

Never Too Late

Plant based diet, vegetarian diets protect health, low-fat vegan diet critical for lower cancer risk, heart attack risk, reversing diabetes – Dr. Neil Bernard According to the latest research from AICR, 1 in 3 “older adults” (55 and up) don’t know about the connections between diet and disease, or think that it’s too late to […]

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Can Vegan Diet Improve Diabetes?

David Jenkins

2008 U Toronto Study by David Jenkins & Colleagues Suggests that a Vegan Diet Can Improve Diabetes Management From The IVU Newsletter: Paul Appleby of Oxford Vegetarians (IVU) sent in the following research report: Journal American Dietetic Association. 2008 Oct;108(10):1636-45: A recent study by David Jenkins and colleagues at the University of Toronto shows that […]

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Savvy Vegetarian