How To Find Non-GMO Foods

The New, Not-Necessarily Improved Green Peace True Food Network

True Food Network has been completely redesigned since I first saw it - it's now easy to find non-gmo food and everything else. The trouble is, everything isn't quite the same.

The site is still True Food Network. The True Food Shopping List is now the Shopper's Guide.

The Whole Foods List no longer exists, so scatch that. Just buy organic, it's still the safest, although not like it used to be since the USDA took over organic standards, and organic brands have mostly been bought up by big corporations.

Inside Scoop has disappeared, and so has Q & A. They've been replaced with a page on CSA's, and pages about various anti GMO campaigns, with many exhortations to join, participate, and donate, which is fine. But I have to whine about the missing information.

The shoppers guide is still undeniably useful, to those who buy prepared foods. And there is a lot of information on developments in the GE crop industry. You can now find these things easily on True Food Network.

The Original Review:

This is a useful site, which I found written up in our local whole foods newsletter. If you're wondering which foods are safe to eat, or not, here's where you can find answers: True Food Network.

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The link is to the home page, which was somewhat confusing to me. I wanted to find lists of safe and not-safe prepared and processed foods, and it wasn't clear to me where to go for that. I found what I was looking for after fumbling around for a few minutes.

True Food Guide*: On the way to finding the grocery list, I found the whole foods list, which was actually of more interest to me, since I make most of my food from scratch. (*this link no longer exists)

Inside Scoop*: After all that, I was in the swing of things, and looked around some more. I found GE industry news*, which had a short summary, and a link to the full piece. (*this link no long exists)

Q &A Section*: Then there was the Q & A, which I also liked for the straight answers, and the archives. (*this link no long exists)

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