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Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free

You're going to LOVE Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free, Allergy Friendly Vegan Desserts, Ricki Heller's long awaited new cookbook.

This is the kind of cookbook that you tell all your friends about, and even give copies to your friends - so they won't try to borrow your copy!

This is why I love Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free:

1. This cookbook is well put together and visually appealing - excellent pictures, layout, index, cover, editing.

2. I couldn't stop reading it - each page is better than the previous page, each chapter better than the previous chapter. By the end, I was delirious.

3. The recipes are consistent for great taste, appearance and cooking methods. I want to make ALL the recipes in Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free.

4. There is a wealth of supplemental material explaining gluten free baking ingredients, techniques and equipment. I learned a bunch of new tricks from this book.

5. The recipes are healthy, low fat, low glycemic, vegan, gluten free, good for everyday or company, and include breakfast recipes, muffins, cookies & bars, pies, crumbles and cakes, even raw and no-bake treats.

Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free is now on my short list of cookbooks that I use regularly.

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But I confess that I am almost completely incapable of following a recipe as given. I have to tweak. I MUST play with my food!

That's why I feel conflicted in telling you that these recipes are sturdy, and will always turn out well, but for best results, follow the ingredients and directions closely, maybe even exactly.

One good reason is that unlike wheat flour, the various gluten free flours and starches all behave differently.

Here's my experience testing the Orange Oat Muffin recipe:

GF Orange Oat Muffins

I substituted tapioca starch, rice flour and sorghum flour in Ricki's all-purpose GF flour mix. From my own gluten free baking experience, I know that they absorb more moisture than potato starch and millet flour.

I made the Orange Oat Muffins 3 times. They were scrumptious every time, but the first two batches didn't rise like I thought they should. Then I remembered about the different gf flours, and increased the almond milk to 1 cup.

Plus, the oranges I bought were quite sweet, and on the small side, while the recipe calls for a medium orange. I figured that there wasn't enough orange juice or acid in my muffins, so I added 1 Tbsp of lemon juice.

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Another thing was the sweetness. I generally eat no sugar, and the first batch tasted very sweet to me. So I reduced the coconut sugar to ╝ cup, cut the molasses in half and used half the stevia. But that affected the taste and texture, not for the better, so for batch #3 I just left out the stevia.

The third time was the charm - perfect muffins.

I must say we did not get tired of eating Orange Oat Muffins - in fact, we gobbled all 3 batches like starving wolves. They could just be the best muffins I ever ate!

However, I do think that my experience making Orange Oat Muffins shows that you should follow the recipes as given for best results. Unless of course you're a hopeless tweaker like me.

I can't wait to try ALL the other recipes! I've made a big gluten free baking order from Vitacost - free shipping this month on orders over $49.00!

I highly recommend Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free, the ideal combination of healthy and delicious recipes, proving once and for all that healthy desserts are NOT an oxymoron.

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