The Most Important Advice For Going Vegetarian

Going Veg

College grad wants a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet because it’s cheap, healthy, and more environmentally friendly. What’s your most important piece of advice? I’ve recently been thinking about moving to a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet for a few reasons: because I’ve heard it’s cheap, healthy, and more environmentally friendly. I just graduated University and during that time […]

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Quinoa Loaf Is In Your Future!

raw quinoa

How to Cook Quinoa, Quinoa Recipe: Quinoa Loaf to Slice & Serve Like Salmon or Chicken Loaf Today I experimented and made a couple of quinoa rissoles. However, I have to come up with a recipe for a quinoa loaf that could be cut into slices and served a bit like a salmon or chicken […]

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Advice for Tired, Lethargic, Sick Vegetarian

Tired Lethargic Sick

Hi, I have been vegetarian for two years and during this time I have felt tired and lethargic. I am prone to colds and flu and generally feel weak I do not want to go back to eating meat but feel at the end of my tether. The only supplement I take is Perfectil as […]

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Savvy Veg Eats Her Way To California and Back

Road Trip

California Road Trip: Our 10 yr old car performed beautifully, as did our 60+ vegetarian bodies, the weather Gods smiled on us and the food was mostly good I just got back from a three month road trip from SE Iowa to Northern California and back, with my husband. Unfortunately we didn’t entirely escape the Iowa […]

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Savvy Vegetarian