20 Tips for Going Vegan On A Tight Budget

Tight Budget

You should be able to go vegan on a tight budget if you’re careful what you buy and make your own food from scratch. Here are a few tips for getting by I am on a fixed income and I want to know if two people can go vegan with only $299 a month. If […]

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Going Vegan Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Rock And A Hard Place

After reading the book “Skinny Bitch” and realizing the crap that’s in food, working Mom wonders how to go vegan and not die of exhaustion I recently decided to go vegan after reading the book, “Skinny Bitch” and realizing the crap that is in the food I eat. However, I am between a rock and […]

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Safety Tips For Leftover Food


Food safety is important for vegetarians and vegans too. You too can get food poisoning if you’re not careful, and that’s some serious not-fun! Excellent food safety tips for leftovers from Food24, Luscious Leftovers. The article goes on to give recipe suggestions using leftovers, most of them involving animal foods. BUT… following these food safety […]

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10 Things You Can Do to Fight World Hunger

Feed The World

Our planet produces enough food to feed everybody. The basic cause of global hunger is a production and distribution system that makes food a commodity rather than a human right Article excerpt from the The Nation (This article appears in the June 1, 2009 edition of The Nation) Our planet produces enough food to feed […]

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City of Ghent Goes Veg One Day A Week

City Of Ghent

EU: City of Ghent Goes Veg One Day A Week To Lose Weight and Save The Planet – Day of the Lentil Burgers: Ian Traynor, Guardian, UK, May 14 2009 On the eve of what is being touted as an unprecedented exercise, the biggest queue in the Flemish university town of 200,000 yesterday was for […]

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Eating A Healthy Vegetarian Diet On The Road

Road Food

For the past 6 months I’ve been on tour in the Mid-West with a theater group. looking for a more nutritional approach to eating vegetarian on the road. Having been a vegetarian since I was 7, I very much enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle and know a lot about it. What’s difficult is being on the […]

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Healthy Eating: Restaurant Survival Skills

Restaurant Survival

Once you get practice in how to obtain a healthy meal, you should be able to use these principles and eat at almost any restaurant in the U.S. Jeff Novick, MS. RD. LD. LN,, is Director of Health Education for the National Health Association and nutritionist/dietitian for the prestigious McDougall Program in Santa Rosa, California. […]

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Capitalism, Climate Change, Poverty & Hunger

Global Warming

Yesterday I read three articles which helped me connect the dots: Capitalist greed, leading to planetary destruction and global suffering – pandemics, drought, extreme poverty, starvation, mass migrations, and war You’d think that anybody who’s paying attention couldn’t possibly miss what’s going on in the world, but sometimes we can’t see the deforestation for the […]

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Savvy Vegetarian