25 Year Vegetarian Agonizes Over Eating Meat


Is it morally wrong to eat animals, do we really need so much protein to gain muscle, can we get the same goodness from plant and vegetable as from eating meat? OMG. This topic is so hot on my head right now. I so envy the people that have a black and white opinion on […]

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What To Do With Tofu? Braggs? Hing? Help!!


I bought tofu but don’t have the least idea how to cook it. I looked for tofu recipes on your site & found unfamiliar ingredients – Braggs? Hing? Help!! We have a Barbarito’s restaurant in our area which serves fresh foods such as wraps, salad etc., made to order. Tofu is on their menu and […]

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Unhealthy Vegetarian Diet Worse Than Eating Meat

French Fries

My vegetarian diet consists of toast in the morning, potatoes and beans for dinner, and maybe toast again before bed. What can I do to improve my diet? I have been a veggie for about a year now, my family always nag about it but that’s not the problem.  My mum has osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and […]

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How To Eat Cheap But Healthy In Ohio (or anywhere)

Eat Cheap But Healthy

Would love to eat healthy, but I can’t afford to. Why is healthy food so expensive? To eat very well on a budget, plan & shop carefully Where in Columbus Ohio can I find the cheapest quinoa? I would love to eat healthy, but can’t afford to. Why is all the healthy food so expensive? […]

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New Vegan: Are Cravings Normal? What About Soy?

Meat Cravings

I just started my new vegan lifestyle. I want to know if my cravings for meat and dairy are normal, and how much soy is too much? I just started my new vegan lifestyle about a week ago. I was searching the internet to see if my cravings for meat and dairy were normal and […]

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Savvy Vegetarian