How Many Avocados Can You Eat & Still Lose Weight?


New to vegetarian diet, wondering how many avocados you can eat and still lose weight. How many calories in avocado? I have asked this question of my many friends on Twitter and Facebook but no one seems to know or have the answer. How many avocados can a person eat and still lose weight? I […]

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New Veg Hates to Cook, How to Eat Healthy?

Unhappy Cook

I hate to cook. How to have a healthy veg diet? 10 tips for healthy eating with (almost) no cooking I’ve recently become vegetarian, but I hate to cook. I would like to buy pre-packaged foods, pre-made foods, etc.  What do you suggest?  Where do you suggest I go?  I love tofu and that’s my […]

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Become Vegetarian for Healthy Food Choices

Thai Kale Tempeh Curry

People become vegetarian for ethical, environmental, economical reasons, healthy food choices & tasty vegetarian recipes The average North American diet is high in animal fats, trans fats, toxic chemicals, and empty calories such as white flour and sugar.  Other research shows that a vegetarian diet has far less of these elements and is much higher […]

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What Do Vegetarian College Students Do for Food?

Hungry Woman

I don’t think a bowl of cereal and mashed potatoes is a nutritious dinner. Vegetarian college food is hard to find. My daughter attends McMurry University in Abilene, TX. When she was interviewing at the school, they assured her it would be no problem for her to eat at the school. We are required to […]

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Low Energy Vegan – Can Vitamins Cause Deficiencies?

Exhausted Woman

Vegan woman low in energy. Could supplements actually be causing deficiencies? Love your website! I take lots of supplements and have been a non-dairy vegan for a year–was a semi-vegetarian before that (no beef or pork for decades). But I am really low in energy lately. Could my supplements actually be causing deficiencies? – A.R. […]

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Choose Carob for Healthy Valentine’s Treats

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Have a healthy valentine’s day. Give your sweetheart carob candy instead of chocolate, or bake a healthy carob cake. Carob is known as a chocolate substitute, but this seductively sweet food has both the substance and the flavor to earn its own merit. The color is the same as that of dark chocolate, although the […]

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Happy Fair Trade Chocolate Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Cake

Fair trade chocolate helps farmers escape poverty We’ve heard about chocolate’s health benefits, but  – only 1 cent from a typical candy bar goes to the farmer. Valentine’s Day is indelibly associated with chocolate. The desire for chocolate is even stronger because of all the reporting of chocolate’s remarkable health benefits. But are we being […]

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Savvy Vegetarian