Protein Foods To Eat With Multiple Food Allergies


How to find protein on vegetarian diet with multiple food allergies. Seeds, whole grains, legumes etc. I just found out that I am allergic to milk, egg whites, sesame seeds, peanuts, hazel nuts and macadamia nuts. I also have a yeast and soy intolerance. So, what can I eat? I have found I like almond […]

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Teen Going Veg, Parents Worry About Nutrition

Not Nuts

Teen with nut allergy going vegetarian, parents worried about nutrition, weight and fitness Hi! I am fourteen, almost fifteen, and decided to go vegetarian three years ago. At first I didn’t eat red meat, and my folks were relatively cool with that, but now I’m trying to steer away from chicken as well. The only […]

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All About Quinoa, Gluten Free Vegetarian Quinoa Recipe

quinoa pilaf

Quinoa: complete nutrition, high protein, gluten free, many quinoa recipes Quinoa Vegetable Pilaf is an easy healthy recipe and a favorite quinoa recipe.  It’s a gluten free recipe, a stovetop casserole recipe, and a complete one dish vegetarian recipe, with grain, vegetables, and protein. Quinoa is similar in texture and appearance to couscous, but more […]

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Soy Foods And Vegetarian Protein

Tofu Burger

For vegetarian protein, stay away from processed soy and stick to organic soy foods tofu & tempeh Hi Savvy Vegetarian! I have just discovered your wonderful site while searching for help on cooking tofu. I am a Nebraska beef fed girl (no longer in Nebr.) who went around the table eating everyone else’s fat and […]

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Vegetarian Diet Can Lower Cholesterol Levels


Maintain healthy cholesterol levels by eliminating saturated fats and adding whole grains, especially quinoa. Image by Maggie Osterberg via Flickr Many people go vegetarian to lower their high cholesterol.  How can a vegetarian diet lower cholesterol?  And does it really work? According to The American Heart Association, high levels of cholesterol are a risk factor […]

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Healthy Vegetarian Diet for Athlete & Non-Veg BF


How to have a healthy nutritious vegetarian diet for athletic lifestyle AND non-veg boyfriend at the same time? I would first like to say Savvy Vegetarian is an  excellent website! I found it through a “healthy vegetarian diet” search. I guess I lucked out.  I have some questions, and maybe you guys can help me. I […]

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Eat Healthy Homemade Pizza Without Guilt

Small Pizza

Homemade Vegan Pizza! Fun & cheap, making healthy pizza is a simple step by step process! Get Savvy Vegetarian’s healthy homemade pizza recipe. How To Make Pizza: Making your own healthy vegetarian pizza is so easy, fun and cheap, we really don’t know why people buy pizza. Especially for those who don’t eat dairy. Last […]

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For a healthy pH balance, minimize acid producing foods.

Basic Greens

What is pH? What are acidity and alkalinity? How to maintain a healthy pH balance and avoid acid producing foods. Does your body pass the acid test? Maintaining a healthy pH balance in the body is one of the most important aspects of health—and also one of the most misunderstood and most ignored.  Why?  For […]

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Healthy, Low Budget Recipe Tips for Veg Diet

Vegetarian Chili

Savvy Vegetarian’s Low Budget Healthy Recipe Tips: Pressure cooker, crockpot, chef’s knife, cookbooks… From our own experience, we know it’s possible – and relatively easy – to have an excellent vegetarian diet on a low budget. You’ll also eat much healthier. It is a bit more work – you have to think and plan more, and […]

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