Roundup’s Devastating Effects on Health & Environment

Jeffrey M. Smith, Institute for Responsible Technology: Devastating & unprecedented effects of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide on environment & health His timely and well researched article shows how Round-Up’s side effects are just as horrible as the effects of GMO’s on our health and the environment.  Many people have the idea that when you apply Roundup to […]

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Nutritionist Response to Ignorant MD About Veg Diet

Lori Zito

Nutritionist responds to email from a doctor to vegetarian patient – guide for those with doctors ignorant about vegetarian diet & nutrition Nutritionist Lori Zito’s article, Dear Ego of Dr. Ignorant, responds point by point to an actual email written by a doctor to his patient who has gone vegetarian. Apart from her understandable angry sarcasm […]

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Is it Good to Go Vegetarian with an Eating Disorder?

eating disorder

21 with eating disorder, wants to go vegetarian, treatment team & Savvy Vegetarian say not a good idea Question for Savvy Vegetarian:   Hi, I”m 21 and after thinking about it for a long time, I have recently decided to go vegetarian. There are a number of reasons including animal welfare, the environment and tending […]

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10 Ways to Love Your Veggies and Eat Them Too

Why we don’t eat vegetables, 10 ways to love your veggies & eat them too, how to cook vegetables, vegetable nutrition facts, vegetable recipes Deep down, everybody knows that vegetables are healthy, and we should eat them. But many people just don’t like veggies, or eat them much. That’s often as true for vegetarians as for […]

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Food Safety Tips|Food Storage|Food Spoilage

basic cooked quinoa

Safely store & reheat cooked food, avoid food spoilage & food poisoning Question: How long can we keep cooked quinoa, in the refrigerator or at room temperature?  Does it go bad?  Thank you – C.B. Food Storage Safety Tips:  Hi C.B., Everything goes bad,  sooner rather than later! Cooked grains, including quinoa, are no exception. Every day of storage […]

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Healthy Teenage Diet Plan for Better Nutrition

healthy teenager

Teen vegetarian needs healthy diet plan, nutritious recipes the whole family will like I’m 14 years old and have officially been a vegetarian for a little over a year. My parents don’t really approve, because they think I will become sick from it, but they allow me to make my own choices. I haven’t gotten […]

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Savvy Vegetarian