Is Quinoa a Carb or a Protein When Dieting?

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Quinoa, quinoa nutrition, dieting, carbs, protein When cooking with quinoa would I consider this as a carb or a protein when dieting? Quinoa appears to be extremely high in carbs but is said to be 100% protein. I am summer-sizing and must eliminate and combine foods properly. Please help. Thanks. – D.S. Savvy Vegetarian Advice: […]

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How to Gain Healthy Weight on a Vegetarian Diet

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Vegetarian losing weight, wants to gain healthy weight with no processed food I have been a vegetarian for a little over a year now. I have completely ceased eating fast food because when I did it eat on occasion, it made me feel sick. I have also given up most processed foods. Eating plant-based meals […]

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‘Bad’ Food Days: Picking Up & Moving On|Vicki Chamberlain

bad habit good habit

For many people, health is a major reason for going vegetarian A vegetarian diet is much healthier; it’s rich in fiber, vitamins, lean protein and complex carbohydrates. Surely, if we’re not distracted by meat dishes, we’ll be more likely to eat fresh fruits and veggies, right? This is logical- but ‘logical’ doesn’t always mean ‘true’. […]

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10 Tips|How to Buy, Eat, Store & Love Nuts & Seeds

nuts and seeds box

Savvy Veg is Crazy About Nuts (and seeds) and You Should Be Too! Tips on soaking nuts, soaking seeds, how to roast nuts, how to store nuts. Nutritional information for almonds and sunflower seeds included. If you happen to be allergic to one or more nuts or seeds, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t eat […]

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Live Delicious, Eat Vegan|Best Vegan Books 2011|Giveaway

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Live Delicious, Eat Vegan: The Book Publishing Company is giving away a bunch of excellent vegan books from its collection. Sign up for a chance to win two of the Best Vegan Books of 2011. Savvy Veg Remarks on The Best Vegan Books:   Vegan in 30 Days: dozens of practical tips to help you […]

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