Seasoning Substitutes for Food Allergies

No Spicy Food

Are there ANY seasonings out there I can use or substitute in recipes? I have a lot of a lot of allergies. However, since my husband is a diabetic and needs to watch his weight I want to change to a vegetarian diet. The biggest problem I am encountering concern my allergies to HOT & […]

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Vegetarian Wants Energy Diet & Supplements

Tired Woman

57 yr old vegetarian woman lacks energy, needs advice on diet, protein, nutritional supplements Message for Savvy Vegetarian: I have been vegetarian, in various stages, for 35 years. I have 2 reasons for writing. 1) I have been out of work for 3 years. I have a cupboard full of dhals, beans and split beans […]

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NutsOnline for Hard-to-Find Vegetarian Foods

Nuts Online

NutsOnline: Excellent Source for Vegetarian Foods You Can’t Find Locally I often hear from people who can’t find vegetarian foods they want at their local markets. If you live in a veg friendly place with a natural food store, you can find most of what you need. Others who aren’t so lucky get upset when […]

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Travel: Cheap Healthy Vegan Diet on the Road

Food Road Sign

Plan ahead, eat sandwiches, cook in motels, avoid restaurants, carry emergency rations We manage to eat well and economically on the road, without compromising our veg diets TOO much. And I’ve learned to keep it simple, which is harder than it sounds. The last time I travelled across country by car, I dragged along a […]

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Vegan Has Big Beans & Gas Problem

2 year vegan, mostly raw diet, beans & tofu main protein source, foul gas all the time I eat about three cups of beans a day (red kidney, black, romano and chick peas). I soak and cook them myself in a slow cooker. I have LOTS of gas even though I eat slow and chew […]

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Savvy Vegetarian