How to Make Meat Based Meals Vegetarian

Go with familiar flavors & looks in vegetarianizing meat based meals Guest post by Aussie Fiona Morgan, who is working on an art/veg cookbook of meatless meals. Check out her blog, Spaces Between the Gaps, and website, Where Fish Sing for beautiful art and meatless recipes. The sample recipes have been lifted from her blog, […]

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10 Reasons to Avoid GMO Foods

Franken Food

How GMO foods affect the environment and your health Article excerpt with permission from Institute for Responsible Technology 1. GMOs Are Unhealthy. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) urges doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets for all patients. They cite animal studies showing organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune system disorders, accelerated aging, and infertility. Human […]

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Healthy Brown Bag Lunch Ideas For Vegan Farmer

Picnic On A Tractor

Eating at work lunch ideas – main dish salad recipes, wraps and soups Hi Savvy Veg! Love your website and newsletters. My husband is a farmer, and often takes his lunch to the field. I would like ideas for brown-bag lunches consisting mostly of foods that he can eat on the go, as he prefers […]

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Are Alkaline Tomatoes an Acid Forming Food?

Killer Tomato

Nightshade vegetables are chemically alkaline, but are acid forming foods I cook quinoa often and love it however the last three times I made it my stomach got very upset. Do you think it is because I put tomato sauce on it? Never bothered me before and that’s the only way I eat it is […]

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