7 Yr Old Sugar Addict Won’t Go Vegan with Dad

Kid Won't Eat

Dad goes vegan, wants son to give up sugar & eat healthy First of all, thanks for creating the Savvy Vegetarian web site! A little story about myself: I have struggled with weight issues most of my adult life. Recently I decided (educated myself) that there are tremendous flaws in the western diet. When I […]

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Crockpot Food Safety Issues


Crockpots left on warm for many hours leads to overcooked and spoiled food Hi, I just purchased a programmable Crock-Pot and am looking for vegetarian slowcooker recipes which I see your website has. Thank you! I hope you can answer my question. It looks like slow-cooking vegetables does not take very much time….about 6 hours […]

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Teen Pescatarian Worries About Protein


15 year old pescetarian worries about protein, animal welfare, being short Hi, i am a 15 year old pescatarian. I originally wanted to become a vegetarian after doing an animal cruelty project in my school. But when I told my parents, they were against it. After a long argument, they only allowed me to be […]

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