Healthy Vegan Diet, Diabetes Prevention & Control

Eric Sharer

Benefits of a healthy vegan diet to prevent and control Type 2 Diabetes Chicago Vegan Examiner Marla Rose interviews Eric Sharer, RD about the benefits of a healthy vegan diet to prevent and control Type 2 Diabetes. During the Vegan in Chicago Examiner interview, Marla Rose and Eric Sharer referred to Paula Deen’s coming-out-of-the-diabetic-closet as […]

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The Pregnant Vegetarian 4: Food Addict

Pumpkin Cake

Food Cravings During Pregnancy: Let the Pregnant Vegetarian Eat Pumpkin Cake Some of you may have read my previous comments on cake, and suspected that it was only the beginning. You were right of course. I am now all about food. I have strong thoughts about foods I’d like to eat, so strong I can […]

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Vegetarian Camp Cooking: How to Do It Right

Glamping Table

Helpful Tips from Readers on Veggie Camp Cooking I had a terrific response to my vegetarian camp cooking post (forget it and live on sandwiches). Some of the responders felt my pain, but most comments revealed my ignorance and lack of creativity on the subject. Some hinted that I might need an attitude adjustment. Carrie […]

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Pregnant Vegetarian 3: Blood Sugar Vampire

Pregnant Zoe Keeland

Baby … slurping my blood sugar like a little vampire I have a confession to make. Some of you are going to hate me for this. At least a little. I have not puked once since I got pregnant. I don’t feel queasy in the mornings, and lately I don’t feel queasy at all. In […]

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‘Real’ Cheese Addictive, ‘Vegan’ Cheese an Oxymoron

Vegan Cheese

Would I buy vegan cheese if it weren’t an oxymoron? One of the hardest things for me to give up when I went vegan was Parmesan cheese. I was used to eating it on just about everything. Eventually, long after the parmesan addiction had lost its grip, I found a substitute, made with ground walnuts, […]

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Forget Vegetarian Cooking While Camping

Camp Kitchen

Adventures with serious vegetarian camp cooking I’m not a veteran camper and far from an expert on campsite cookery. I’ve been camping maybe 10 times in my 65 years, for a total of about 3 months. However, most of my camping involved vegetarian cooking. So naturally I feel qualified to talk about it. My camping […]

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Pregnant Vegetarian 2: Pregnancy Farts & Sore Boobs

Deadly Farts

Things They Don’t Warn You About Before You Get Pregnant There are things they don’t warn you about before you get pregnant, probably for the good of the species. I thought pregnancy would have a couple of upsides. Besides, of course, a tiny precious baby at the end. I figured it would be the one […]

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Healthy Veg Calories to Avoid Weight Loss

Maintain A Healthy Weight

How to keep weight up on veg diet, eat healthy too I recently started changing my diet. I am juicing fruits and veggies and cutting out meat. I feel GREAT! I am very excited about my new, far healthier diet. The only problem is that I am losing weight. While this is generally considered a […]

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Pregnant Vegetarian 1: Pregnancy Test

Positive Pregnancy Test

Youngest Savvy Vegetarian Shocked to Be Pregnant Pt 1 of a vegetarian pregnancy series written by Zoë Keeland, pregnant vegetarian, and youngest daughter of Savvy Vegetarian. Zoë has a positive pregnancy test and starts to realize what it means to have a vegetarian diet during pregnancy. Zoë has agreed to write hormonally driven pregnancy posts […]

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Savvy Vegetarian