Does Sprouting Increase Protein?


High intensity exerciser asks: does sprouting seeds increase protein? Message for Savvy Vegetarian: I have googled protein count when sprouting and there doesn’t seem to be much difference whether sprouting or not? You say sprouting increases protein availability by 30% and carbs decrease by 15%. If this is the case that would be great! I […]

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Pregnant Vegetarian 10: Crazy Pregnancy Hormones

Pregnant Bliss

From all the crazy pregnant lady stories, I expected to be much more mental! So far, making a baby has been much easier than I expected. Aside from my lack of physical symptoms, which I talked about a couple posts ago , I expected to be much more mental. The crazy pregnant lady stories are […]

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Pregnant Vegetarian 9: The Mad Gardener

Garden Goddess

Everything is green & growing, there’s new life everywhere Spring has come early this year, and with great gusto! No nasty late frosts have come along to spoil things, so everything is green and growing. It seems like an appropriate time of year to be pregnant. There’s new life everywhere – why not in my […]

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New Teen Vegetarian Scared to Tell Parents

Scared To Tell

New 16 year old vegetarian, super-conservative parents don’t know, terrified to tell them Hey, I am a newly declared, sixteen year old vegetarian, and my parents simply do not know. . . . yet. They are super conservative and I have kept my vegetarianism a secret so far. Often times we’re not at the dinner […]

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What?! I Have to Eat Healthy AND Exercise?

Shocked Face

News Flash: A healthy vegetarian diet does not make you physically fit. SavvyVeg is living proof that you can be a long-time vegetarian or vegan and still be physically unfit. Until my mid-forties, I never thought about exercise because I was hyper-active at least 12 hours a day – raising children, doing housework, gardening, cooking, […]

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Pregnant Vegetarian 8: Has pregnancy been too easy?

Pregnant zoe

I’ve had it awfully easy, and I’m starting to get suspicious. When you get pregnant, it seems, you join the secret society of Women Who Have Given Birth. Now that I am nice and round, and it is too late for me to run to the condom aisle and prevent my fate, they are telling […]

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Savvy Vegetarian