Eating Veg On The Road – Less is More

Fork In The Road

Helpful Tips For Vegetarians Who Travel A Lot The Savvy Vegetarian is a master of road food. The woman carries a kitchen in a suitcase, complete with hot plate, crock pot, grains, spices…etc. With her restricted diet, and my father’s even more restricted diet, I can see the sense in her approach. When I think […]

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Vegetarian School Lunch Ideas

Pack Lunch

Kid Friendly Lunch Box Ideas & Healthy Recipes School is starting and kids need all kinds of stuff! Clothes, school supplies, and lunches. I don’t know if you’ve checked out school lunch menus, but last time I looked, they weren’t very veg friendly. In fact, my stepdaughter says, even if you aren’t a vegetarian they […]

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Too Hot to Cook? Cool Summer Desserts


If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen or at least forget running the oven I think of summer as a time to eat as much fruit as possible. All year I look forward to the local peaches and watermelons. I dream about fat blueberries and perfectly ripe cantaloupes. The farmers markets […]

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Corn, Traditional Food for Real People

Eating Corn

How Corny Can You Get in a Midwestern Summer? Pretty Darn Corny! Corn is a traditional American food, much more entrenched in our culture than most of us can believe. In fact, nobody really knows how long corn has been a people food, or how we got so addicted to corn Best Guesstimates say that […]

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The Post Partum Vegetarian: Mom and Baby


The Arrival Of A Vegetarian Baby Girl! Baby Yosefina is a month old, and my brain is starting to produce coherent thoughts again! Yay! When Mom said my brain would turn to mush at the end of my pregnancy, I was skeptical. I’ll be just fine, I thought. I’m strong. I’ll work right up until […]

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Savvy Vegetarian