From Sour Apples to Sweet Apple Desserts

Red Rome Apple

Apples have come a long long way since the days of Johnny Appleseed! Johnny Appleseed was a travelling apple nursery man, land speculator, missionary and all-round saint, according to legend. Johnny’s apple trees were grown from seed, the apples were small & sour, and used for hard apple cider, which pioneers drank in abundance. Sweet […]

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Quick Easy Healthy Freezer Friendly Meals

Giant Pots

How to Stock Your Kitchen for Quick Easy Healthy Vegetarian or Vegan Meals When my husband and I both have the longest, worst day ever, we want quick easy meals. But we live in the country, where nobody delivers, and even fast food is a ten minute drive. I’m not willing to wrestle a baby […]

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How to Cook Pumpkin for Pumpkin Desserts

Pie Pumpkins

Gathering, Cooking & Baking Pumpkin for Cheesecake, Bread & Cookies I first set out to cook and shoot Olivia Sinton’s lacto-veg pumpkin cheesecake recipe, which has been pictureless on our site for several years. Olivia’s Pumpkin Cheesecake now has a pretty picture, and it’s pretty tasty too, but I felt that we needed yet another […]

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10 Home Remedies for Indigestion

Belly Gas & Bloating

Simple Causes of Indigestion, 10 Easy Steps to Digestive Wellness Please advise re gas/bloating when eating raw & cooked veggies. I do eat clean, fresh foods. Lot’s of vegetables (juicing, raw, cooked) and fruits. Also meat, fish, dairy, nuts, complex carbohydrates. Every time I eat I have a big belly and later on bloating. My […]

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Home Cooked Healthy Fast Food


5 Ways to Make Healthy Convenience Food at Home I haven’t had much time to cook since I left home. First in college, taking a full class load and working 30 hours a week to pay the bills, I struggled to keep myself fed. At that time, campus food wouldn’t keep a vegetarian alive, so […]

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Home Cooking: Healthier, Quicker, Cheaper

Home Cooking

Get a Healthier Veggie Life with Cheap Quick Easy Home Cooked Meals The phrase: “I don’t cook” should not be in the veg vocabulary. That’s true even if you’re a die-hard steak for breakfast eater! Convenience food is hard on your health and your wallet. Eating a lot of fast food is slow suicide, even […]

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Savvy Vegetarian