Cheap Easy Healthy Vegetarian Meals

Budget Cooking

For cheap easy healthy meals, shop with a meal plan, a budget and a list If you have more condiments than ingredients in the fridge, healthy weekly meal planning might be daunting. Trust me, it’s worth it. Healthy food is good for your health AND your budget. Grocery stores are full of healthy food choices […]

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Is Soy Bad for Low Thyroid & Belly Fat?

Belly Fat

Connecting Beans & Gas, Low Thyroid & Soy Protein, Lose Weight, Belly Fat I love beans, but I hate the gas as does my household. I am cooking beans as I read your beans without gas report and found it extremely interesting. I will add some herbs to my beans as they cook and see […]

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Get Enough Protein in Your Veg Diet

Free Protein Teleclass with Savvy Vegetarian This Tuesday evening, I’ll be giving a free talk through Global Teleclass. My free teleclass, How to Get Enough Protein in Your Vegetarian or Vegan Diet, takes place on Tuesday Nov 27th at 8:00 P.M. EST. Please join me! The protein teleclass is based on my new protein ebook. […]

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