Unrepentant Eating of Dessert!

Tempting Desserts

Cure the winter blahs by eating divinely delicious vegan desserts Will winter ever end!? Spring is only a few weeks away, but what a long three weeks those are turning out to be. After getting hit with one snow storm after another (at the end of February), is it any wonder that all we want […]

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Nut Butter – A True Kitchen Chameleon

Robin Robertson

How to Cook with Nut Butters, nut butter recipe for Asian Spring Rolls & Peanut Dipping Sauce Guest post by Robin Robertson, author of the Nut Butter Universe vegan cookbook. Nut butters can be true kitchen chameleons. They can be incorporated into a zesty salad dressing, a stack of fluffy pancakes, a creamy pasta sauce, […]

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Fun, Healthy Kid Snacks

Kids Snacks

Healthy snack foods, tasty alternatives to sugary, processed snacks When you’re a kid the time between lunch and dinner can seem endless. Kids want something yummy to tide them over between meals. But parents want kids to eat healthy nutritious snacks that won’t leave them too full for dinner. Three Keys to Fun Healthy Kid […]

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Savvy Vegetarian