The Cheesy Vegan Cookbook Giveaway

cheesy vegan cookbook giveaway

Satisfy Your Cheesy Cravings: Enter to win The Cheesy Vegan cookbook by John Schlimm This giveaway ended. The winner was Lisa Freeman Knapp. Thanks to everyone who entered! The Cheesy Vegan by John Schlimm fits right in with the N. American love of sandwiches, pizza, pasta, cheesecake and mac’n’cheese – which often involve cheese. Of […]

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Delicious Nutritious Millet – The New Quinoa


Millet Is the New Quinoa: Versatile, delicious & nutritious like quinoa, but way cheaper & greener Most of us in N. America see millet as bird seed, or hippy food. In other places, it’s grown as animal feed, and it’s being looked at as a possible ethanol source. But millet is so much more! In […]

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Tofu Recipe Contest – Vote for Your Favorite!


The contest is over. Congratulations to Stephanie Littlefield for her winning recipe, Tofu ‘Fish’ Tacos Lemon Tofu Custard Cups : Alexa Krueger’s easy healthy vegan custard dessert recipe is light and refreshing, low fat, low sugar, although not low calorie – which is why it’s so blissfully satisfying. With the help of a food processor, […]

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