How Many Avocados Can You Eat & Still Lose Weight?

New to vegetarian diet, wondering how many avocados you can eat and still lose weight. How many calories in avocado?


I have asked this question of my many friends on Twitter and Facebook but no one seems to know or have the answer.

How many avocados can a person eat and still lose weight? I love them so very much but I have limited myself to one every 2 to 7 days. I was weighing 249 but am down now to 231. I am new to vegetarian diet. I eat beans, fruits, greens, some nuts, huge salads.

What do you suggest about avocados? – A. Y.

Savvy Vegetarian Advice:

Congratulations on your weight loss! In general it’s better when you’re on a weight loss diet to go for volume without high calories (e.g. soups & salads), and choose high protein low calorie foods as much as possible. Sounds like you’re doing that. But I understand about avocados – I’m addicted, too.

Avocados are extremely nutritious, loaded with vitamins, a good source of Omega 3s – and high in calories. There are an average of 324 calories in one medium avocado and 4 grams of protein. So it’s good to eat them – in moderation, as you are doing.

But on the days that you eat an avocado, you should pass on other foods that are high in calories – nuts for instance – to balance your overall caloric intake. Make a list of what you normally eat, count the calories, and decide where to trim to accommodate your avocados without upping your calories.

All the best, Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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