How To Avoid GMOs In Your Food

I’ve heard there are a few foods to avoid re gmos: potatoes, tomatoes, soy, yellow squash, corn, canola oil. Are there others?


I’m fanatical about avoiding GMO foods. A friend recently told me there is a problem with strawberries–they may be genetically modified.

Could you please tell me what you know about strawberries re: gmo (quickly, if possible; I love them–but will not buy any more until I hear about this.)

Do you have a list of foods that one must be careful about re: gmo? Thanks. C. C.

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As far as I know strawberries are not genetically modified. But that doesn’t mean that they’re safe to eat. They’re on the Top 10 list of foods contaminated with pesticides. Try to get organic strawberries if you can’t live without them.

GMOs are present in 75% of processed foods. That’s because most of those foods have some form of genetically modified soy, corn or canola oil – e.g. soy protein isolates or high fructose corn syrup. That’s why you should buy organic, and make your own food from scratch, as much as possible.

Most fruit and veg, grains and beans are not genetically modified, so far, with the exception of some (not all) potatoes, squash and papaya. Blue corn isn’t GM. Most animal foods – meat, poultry, eggs and dairy are from animals that are fed GM corn and soybeans. So going vegetarian is also a good idea.

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GM foods have never been adequately tested, have never been proven to be safe for human consumption, and the scientists who have spoken out that they’re NOT safe have been fired, threatened, ignored, shunned and hushed up.

Here’s an article which explains why GMOs are dangerous: Campaign For Healthier Eating In America, by Jeffrey M. Smith

The trouble is that there are no labels to tell consumers when foods contain GMOs! If there were, that could put Monsanto etc out of business.

Most people are not aware that they’re eating GMOs and get pretty upset when they find out. After all, who wants to be an involuntary subject in a dangerous mass food experiment? Not me!

Here is the Institute For Responsible Technology’s Non-GMO Shopping Guide – also available as a PDF download.

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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