How to Eat A Good Veg or Vegan Breakfast

Mom Was Right – A Healthy High Protein Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

Breakfast Rush

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Skipping breakfast is a popular sport! It’s hard to know exactly how many kids go to school without breakfast in the morning, or adults rush off to work with just a cup of coffee. But it’s a high percentage.

We’ve all heard that eating a good breakfast starts the day right. But we’re a little vague on the details, and might even question the value of eating breakfast.

Weight control is one reason why it’s important to eat a good breakfast.

A pilot study at the University of Missouri compared the effects of normal protein and high protein breakfasts on overweight teenage girls that normally skipped breakfast. Results of MRI testing and appetite questionnaires “suggest that increased dietary protein at breakfast might be a beneficial strategy to reduce reward-driven eating behavior in overweight teens.”

According to Heather Leidy, assistant professor in the MU Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, “The researchers decided to target ‘breakfast-skipping’ teens for two reasons. First, breakfast skipping has been strongly associated with unhealthy snacking, overeating (especially at night), weight gain and obesity. Second, approximately 60 percent of adolescents skip breakfast on a daily basis.

“Incorporating a healthy breakfast containing protein-rich foods can be a simple strategy for people to stay satisfied longer, and therefore, be less prone to snacking,” Leidy said. “People reach for convenient snack foods to satisfy their hunger between meals, but these foods are almost always high in sugar and fat and add a substantial amount of calories to the diet. These findings suggest that a protein-rich breakfast might be an effective strategy to improve appetite control and prevent overeating in young people.”


Another reason to eat breakfast is so that you can function.

Your body and brain need fuel to work efficiently. If you don’t eat breakfast, then you’re running on empty. Eating breakfast raises your metabolic rate, and gets all your body functions in gear.

10 Quick Easy Protein Rich Breakfast Ideas

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1. Cook cereal with nuts/seeds while you’re making supper, and put it in a thermos for morning.

2. Once a week, make breakfast muffins or bars to freeze and grab as needed. It’s a wonderful way to get nutritious food into picky eaters.

3. Smoothies are quick. Add fresh or frozen fruit and/or greens, protein powder or nuts, and milk or yogurt to a blender, whiz, pour, and run out the door with it. Put any extra in the fridge for next day.

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4. When you’re frying or baking tofu, tempeh, seitan, or veggie burgers, make extra to eat for a satisfying breakfast with toast or a bun.

5. Make up small bags or containers of trail mix with your favorite nuts & seeds, dried fruit and crackers or chips. Take along a bag or trail mix with a piece of fruit for an instant breakfast on the run.

6. Make or buy granola, and add it to yogurt with nuts or seeds and fresh fruit for a truly amazing breakfast.

7. Enjoy hummus or nut butter on toast or a muffin, with fresh fruit.

8. Eat leftover supper for breakfast. My mother always enjoyed pizza or pie for breakfast. I’m fond of leftover grain salad, such as quinoa black bean salad, or a hearty bean or lentil soup.

9. Eat a piece of fresh fruit and a handful of nuts if your appetite is minimal.

10. If you’re just not hungry, make your breakfast to go, the night before or in the morning, and take it along to eat later.

Breakfast FAQ:

Q: How can I eat a good breakfast if I don’t have time?

A: We generally manage to make time for things that are important to us. Give breakfast the high priority it deserves. Go to bed and get up a few minutes earlier so you have time for breakfast, or at least time to grab a piece of fruit and a protein bar as you run out the door.

Q: How can I eat breakfast if I’m not hungry in the morning?

A: For a good appetite in the morning, eat less and earlier for supper. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Drink a cup of warm water when you get up, followed by a shower and gentle exercise, like walking or yoga.

Q: Won’t eating breakfast just expand my stomach, making me want to eat even more?

A: Just the opposite. Eating breakfast resets your appetite button, which tells your body it’s not starving, and doesn’t need a mid-morning snack, oversize lunch & supper, plus a bedtime snack.

Q: Won’t all those carbs for breakfast make me gain weight?

A: Simple carbs from refined flour and sugar, with lots of fat, might cause weight gain. Complex carbs from whole grains, legumes, nuts & seeds are high fiber and digest slowly, sustaining blood sugar levels through the morning until lunch.

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