NutsOnline for Hard-to-Find Vegetarian Foods

NutsOnline: Excellent Source for Vegetarian Foods You Can’t Find Locally


I often hear from people who can’t find vegetarian foods they want at their local markets.

If you live in a veg friendly place with a natural food store, you can find most of what you need.

Others who aren’t so lucky get upset when they go vegetarian and realize that their local food choices are so limited.

The other day I heard from a frustrated quinoa lover:

“While I was in Peru, I fell ill and the hotel made me some quinoa for breakfast. It was the consistency of cream of wheat, and it was called Quinua Avena. In the box it was flakey but when cooked it was very delicious and helped my stomach.

I have raw quinoa and have tried various recipes for breakfast, but none are the same. Do you have a similar recipe for this or know where i can buy this product? Thank you – Larry R.”

Savvy Vegetarian Advice:

“How nice of your hotel hosts to make you a special invalid breakfast! I’ve seen quinoa flakes in stores, Ancient Harvest brand, and you can buy them at Nuts Online.

Plus I think that if you ground regular quinoa in a spice grinder or blender, you’d get a powder that might pass for what you ate in Peru when cooked.

I’ll bet that our Breakfast Quinoa Recipe would work well with quinoa flakes or ground up dry quinoa instead of cooked. As with cream of wheat, you’d have to stir constantly, and it would take less time to cook.

After I found the quinoa flakes through their site search, I spent some time checking out Nuts Online.

I was impressed with the broad range of vegetarian foods they carry, and spent more time looking today. Not only do they carry quinoa flakes, but I also found gluten free rolled oats, moong dahl, urad dahl and several other Indian dahls and lentils which are featured in Savvy Vegetarian recipes.

NutsOnline also carries a large number of gluten free cooking and baking items. I noticed they had amaranth flour which I haven’t been able to find anywhere else, and millet flour, which oddly wasn’t listed with other gluten free flours, but was found under gluten free grains AND under flours and grains in the general cooking & baking index.

Savvy Vegetarian Facebook Page

I noticed several such indexing oddities. Overall I felt that the indexing could be better on NutsOnline.

E.G. When I searched for grains, I found many different grains and grain products, and also individual grains when I searched for them. But there wasn’t a grain department. Grains were listed as a sub-index under cooking & baking, which seems too huge & vague to be a department. It was the same with legumes (aka beans & lentils), also a huge category which deserves it’s own department.

I know that kind of thing happens when sites grow bigger, I’m sure they’re aware of the problem and it’s on the list of things to fix. Savvy Vegetarian has it’s own such peculiarities on the fix list. So I’m willing to cut them some slack on indexing, considering the overall high quality of the site.

Quinoa Recipe Ebook

The prices at NutsOnline might be a little higher than you’d pay locally, but go down significantly when you buy larger quantities. For example, a 15 pound case of medjool dates was $5.69 per pound, compared to $7.49 for 1 lb. Shipping costs are very high if you’re just ordering one little item, like 1 lb of tapioca flour. ($2.99 for the flour, $9 for the shipping).

When I tested their shopping cart, I noticed that the cost of UPS Ground shipping dropped proportionately as the order size increased. For a $53 order, shipping was $13.52. For a $128 order, the shipping was $19.58.

So be prepared to order larger quantities, and/or buy several bulk items at once to make it worth your while. But only buy things you’re sure you’ll use up in a reasonable amount of time!

I’m not sure how NutsOnline calculates their shipping costs, but that area alsoo seems as though it could use some work. With a UPS shipping system, I don’t know how much flexibility there is, and shipping costs, like everything else, have gone out of sight. Some very large retail sites now offer free shipping, which of course is just buried in the product cost, but that’s something to consider.

Krystin at the NutsOnline Family responded to my query about their shipping policies, “The only thing I can tell you about the shipping is that it’s calculated by weight and distance. The further it’s going the more expensive it will be per pound and the initial pound is always the most expensive to ship.”

And about NutsOnline promotions, “As for any promo codes, I would suggest signing up for our monthly newsletter. If we have any offers or promotions they would be sent out via newsletter (email). The only other offer for anything would be the refer a friend program. You receive 10% off your next order for referring someone to our site and they receive 10% off their first order.”

While I haven’t ordered anything from them, going by the testimonials the friendly approachable tone of the site, and commendations from SV Facebook fans, NutsOnline seems to have fast shipping and excellent customer service. If true, that raises them even higher in my estimation. Good customer service is hard to come by. NutsOnline also sells wholesale, in case lots, to businesses.

I recommend Nuts Online as an excellent resource when you can’t find vegetarian foods at your local markets.

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