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New Vegetarian Is Pale & Breaking Out

In the past 4 days since I’ve started a vegetarian diet, I’m breaking out A LOT more & everyone has been saying that I look pale


I have recently started a vegetarian diet switching from poultry and fish. I never really ate a lot of red meat to begin with. I have noticed in the past 4 days since I’ve started eating only veggies that my skin is breaking out A LOT more (on my back, neck and arms) and everyone has been saying that I look pale.

Has this happened to any other vegetarians out there? I don’t know if its the food I’m eating which is a pretty healthy combination of salads and other veggies..or if I may be allergic to something I have eaten.

Just wanna know if this is normal and will go away or if I need to see a doctor. F. K.
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Savvy Vegetarian Advice:

It doesn’t sound normal. You could be allergic to something you’re eating that you’ve never eaten before. Soy is a possibility. But you should have other symptoms if you’re having an allergic reaction. You could be detoxing, you could be constipated, you could be iron deficient or some other deficient. It could be unrelated to your veg diet. I honestly don’t know.

You may want to see a doctor for deficiency and allergy testing. A veg friendly dietitian is also a possibility. But in the meantime:

Quinoa Recipe Ebook [2]

Check out the

vegetarian nutrition report for info on how to eat a balanced vegetarian diet:

Plus read this book: The New Becoming Vegetarian [3], by Melina and Davis, both vegan RDs. I recommend it highly for all vegetarians.

And don’t forget to drink LOTS of water! It’ll help move those toxins out, as will a general intestinal cleanse if you’re inclined.

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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