Mom Wants to Raise Twin Babies On Vegetarian Diet

Mom with twin babies needs advice on where to find baby food recipes and baby food mills.

Twin Babies

Hello, I have a set of six month old twin babies and have just started introducing solid foods.

They have been on soy milk formula and breast milk to date and I would like to raise them on a vegetarian diet.

Do you have any advice, articles, recipes, or good web sites I can check out? It seems like there is mostly junk out there which tells you to still give them dairy. I would appreciate it! – J.K.

Savvy Vegetarian Advice:

Congratulations on becoming the mother of twins! Double the joy – and double the work. Hope you’re managing to get some sleep!

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It boggles my mind that medical people still tell Moms to give their babies dairy milk, and I also get pretty exercised about the low level of support for breastfeeding! But that’s a whole ‘nother topic!

As far as baby food recipes go, Homemade Baby Food Recipes has some good ones, and they also sell baby food mills. Those are Mom’s best friend, because then your babies can eat what you eat. For older babies, just mash things up with a fork, or give them finger foods.

Generally, bland food, non-acidic, is best for babies – you could start them off with potato, sweet potato or butternut squash, for example. Avocado or banana is usually a hit, or cream of rice cereal with breast milk or non-dairy milk.

Babies are pretty decided in what they like to eat, actually. I recommend Cathe Olson’s website, Simply Natural Books, about feeding your vegetarian kids. She has a baby food recipe book, and there are two of her articles in the list below.

Quinoa Recipe Ebook

I also highly recommend the vegetarian nutrition bibles, ‘Becoming Vegan’, or ‘Becoming Vegetarian’, by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis. They cover the topic of child vegetarian nutrition pretty thoroughly. As an intro to vegetarian nutrition, download the Savvy Vegetarian nutrition report.

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All the best, Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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2 Responses to “Mom Wants to Raise Twin Babies On Vegetarian Diet”

  1. Soyfree vegetarian says:

    Lauren, please be careful giving your infants soy so young. You might want to read up on the issues that are being exposed regarding feeding little boys something with such excessive plant-estrogen. There are actually many doctors who only suggest soy formula for babies who become ill from milk based formula. I’m not trying to be a troll, just passing a message. Both my husband and I are vegetarian but neither of us can eat soy. It actually has a very high allergenic rating and can cause many other health problems. I would never feed it to an infant until I knew how they would react to it, and even then, never in an entree sized portion.

  2. Lauren Kent says:

    Hi new-mom-of-twins

    I recently started doing some part-time work, during my studies, at a health shop in Grahamstown, South Africa. One of my training tasks is to find out about all the products that they sell, and be able to advise people accordingly. One of the first things that I learnt was that tofu is a whole food and is a suitable type of food for infants from as early as 9 months. The article suggested steaming the tofu with mixed vegetables and then mashing it. Tofu is 95% digestible so is fantastic for babies. And it is so gentle on the digestive tract – it’s one of the recommended foods for when you are ill (think chicken soup, but no meat – thats the healing properties of tofu).

    Just thought to share that bit of info. I know that when I have children I want to raise them on a vegetarian diet and tofu will definitely be one of the foods high on the list. That and oat milk… ;)

    Much light and blessings to you

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