Unhealthy Vegetarian Diet Worse Than Eating Meat

My vegetarian diet consists of toast in the morning, potatoes and beans for dinner, and maybe toast again before bed. What can I do to improve my diet?

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I have been a veggie for about a year now, my family always nag about it but that’s not the problem. 

My mum has osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and arthritis. The doctor said some of them can be hereditary, and that I should eat lots of red meat as I too have bad muscles and bones and I constantly faint.

Another problem is that I’m very fussy. I eat fruit rarely and the same with vegetables, but I will try.

My diet consists of toast in the morning, potatoes and beans for dinner, and maybe toast again before bed.

What can I do to improve my vegetarian diet? Thank you – S. O.

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Hi S. O., What can you do? It’s possible that you constantly faint because you’re deficient in important nutrients such as iron and Vit. B12. That’s likely why your doctor wants you to eat meat – to get the nutrients you need.

You can get good nutrition from a vegetarian diet, but only if it’s healthy, which means eating a wide variety of fresh whole foods, and taking supplements too.

There’s no point in being vegetarian if you eat worse than when you ate meat. Start by following the diet your doctor recommends for you – or ask him to send you to a dietitian who can help you get a healthy vegetarian diet.

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Maybe you need more outdoor exercise to perk up your appetite, then you won’t be such a fussy eater. Keeping off pop and junk food, and eating fresh fruit instead will also help. And drinking water.

Learn to love fruits and veggies, whole grains, beans & lentils, nuts & seeds. These foods aren’t just nutritious, they’re really delicious, depending on what you do with them. Try one at a time, with different ways to prepare, until you find something you like.

Learn about vegetarian nutrition. Start by downloading our vegetarian nutrition report.

Get a vegetarian cookbook with recipes that are appealing to you, and learn to cook vegetarian food for yourself.

Also get the book, ‘Becoming Vegetarian’ by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis – it’s the vegetarian nutrition bible I recommend for all vegetarians.

Maybe you’ll have to find a way to get extra money for these books, and for foods that you’re not eating now, but isn’t your health worth the effort? Plus, usually it’s less expensive to eat healthy, if you drop the junk food for the healthy food.

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