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Should Anne Collins give advice on vegetarian weight loss, vegetarian nutrition and online weight loss support?

Anne Collins

I’m really bothered by the fact that you keep telling people to go to Anne Collins’ website. I had to search for quite a few minutes to find her credentials and, to my surprise, she is not a Registered Dietitian.

I believe only a Registered Dietitian specialized in vegetarian diets should give advice to vegetarians. On weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, teen diet, disease etc.

They are trained, they undergo an examination to be “registered”…, they get a lot of hours of practice in different settings and continue to learn to keep themselves informed in their area of expertise.

I cannot call myself a doctor if I read a few anatomy and physiology books, can I? Thank you for your time – A. H.

Savvy Vegetarian Advice:

Hi A. H. Thanks for writing about this issue. Much appreciated!

After reviewing her site again, and reading a lot of reviews, some con, mostly pro, and looking at the options, I stand behind my recommendation of Anne Collins vegetarian weight loss program for several reasons:

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1. It’s true that MDs and RDs get years of training, and keep up the required continuing education throughout their careers. But just because someone can add Dr. or RD after his/her name is no reason to assume that person knows much about weight loss or vegetarian diet.

2. I know of just a handful of publicly available RDs who specialize in vegetarian nutrition. Many of these are vegan, which is a small percentage of the already small vegetarian niche. Plus, there is a great deal more to successful weight loss than the medical and nutritional aspects – self-esteem, family, culture, food addiction, body type, exercise etc.

3. Which means that being an RD isn’t necessarily a qualification for running an online weight loss support program. There are many NON-RDs writing books and running support sites on diet and weight loss – including me. My expertise is based on over 40 years experience as a vegetarian, and extensive self-education. I regularly consult qualified vegetarian or vegan RDs, either in person or by reading their books and sites. I have a hunch that Anne Collins also stays informed, and she is clearly knowledgeable about weight loss.

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4. Even though she isn’t a Registered Dietitian, I’m satisfied that the Anne Collins weight loss programs are sound. There aren’t so many sensible options in low cost vegetarian weight loss programs and support groups available for people wanting to lose weight through a vegetarian diet, and Anne Collins is one of the best rated options. The fact that she isn’t a vegetarian herself, and doesn’t specialize in vegetarian nutrition is a minor point, in my opinion, compared to what she offers for $19.95 per year.

I recommend books and websites from the following officially qualified people, who address the topic of vegetarian weight loss: Vesanto Melina, Brenda Davis, Dina Aronson, Virginia Messina, Dr. Dean Ornish. I’m sure there are more, but their names escape me – my apologies for leaving out anybody important.

And here are 100 weight loss tips from Top Dietitians of the American Dietetic Association – they’ll work whether or not you’re vegetarian.

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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