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Wanna Be Vegetarian Allergic To Nuts & Soy

Is becoming a vegetarian possible with nuts|soy allergies? Find good sources of protein in beans, lentils and whole grains

vegetarian chili

I’m interested in becoming a vegetarian but I’m allergic to soy and nuts so I want to know if there are other sources of protein available – R. S.

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Savvy Vegetarian Advice:

Beans, lentils and whole grains would be your main sources of protein if you want to be egg and dairy free. Otherwise you could include those.

Seitan (or wheat gluten) is another possibility. You can make your own but it’s also readily available in stores right next to the tofu.

Vegetarian chili [1], pictured above is an example of the many tasty dishes you can eat without ever touching nuts and soy.

Is it just tree nuts that you’re allergic to, or peanuts too? Can you eat seeds, such as sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and flax? If so, that expands your protein sources. For instance, you can eat hummus [2]!

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See our plant food protein chart [3] for more info on sources of veg protein. Note that some vegetables are also good secondary protein sources.

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