A Weekly Menu Plan for Vegetarian Kid Friendly Meals


What – and how – does a busy, working, veganish Mom feed her ovo-vegetarian kids? I cook twice a day; breakfast and a meal that does double duty as lunch and dinner. When I cook beans, I make extra for future meals.  Weekday lunches have to be foods that hold up well in a lunch box. […]

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7 Yr Old Vegetarian Child Has Behavior Issues

Veggie Boy

Vegetarian child behavior issues – is he getting enough calories? Does he have food sensitivities, indigestion, constipation? Hi, I just stumbled on your website and wonder if you might have any advice for me. My 7 year old went vegetarian (lacto-ovo) 2 months ago. The rest of the family are omnivores, but I grew up […]

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Savvy Vegetarian