Happy Healthy Valentine’s Day Love Bites

Boycott Commercial Valentine’s Day with Happy Healthy Veggie Love Bites

That is not to say there can’t be chocolate. What is Valentine’s Day without chocolate?

Chocolate Valentine Cookies

A day or two before Valentines Day, make special chocolate treats for your loved ones, or people who aren’t quite in that category (yet), but you want to show that you care.

We recommend Sarah Kingsbury’s Chocolate Raspberry Heart Cookies, which are absolute bliss, and a lot of fun to make. Try to remember to save some to give away.

If you’re concerned about food allergies, go for gluten, sugar, soy, corn, dairy and egg free but extremely yummy Cocoa Nibbles Raw Cookie Bars. Think heart shapes. Or try vegan coconut macaroons dipped in melted chocolate chips.

For a Valentine’s Day event, no-egg-no-dairy Chocolate Cupcakes with icing and red sprinkles are everybody’s hearts desire.

Super Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

Start the day off right with something quick, easy and red for a valentiines breakfast. Try Sarah’s Super Breakfast Smoothie with fresh or frozen red berries. Add a little rose water. If you need more calories, serve the smoothie with whole grain toast, nut butter & sugar free raspberry jam.

“This super smoothie recipe has become a big part of breakfast for me and my children. It’s a quick & easy, healthy low-carb breakfast, no cooking required, tastes divine, and keeps me satisfied until lunch time”. Ya gotta love that!

Play a little romantic mood music to get in the mood for a Super Valentines Day. Norah Jones comes to mind. Or “My Funny Valentine”, sung by Ella Fitzgerald. Sing along. Your kids will love it, honest.

Lyrics: “You’re my funny valentine · Sweet comic valentine · You make me smile with my heart · Your looks are laughable · Unphotographable · Yet you’re my favorite work of art. Is your figure less than Greek? Is your mouth a little weak? When you open it to speak, are you smart? But don’t change a hair for me, not if you care for me. Stay, little valentine, stay. Each day is valentines day”

While you sing along with Ella, pack a lunch and add something special for valentines day – red salad. Make a basic salad with your choice of greens, then add red things like radishes, grated or pickled beets, dried cranberries, shredded carrot, red apple, red peppers, tomatoes. The incurably romantic can cut the veggies into heart shapes. Scatter rose petals in the lunch boxes. Add a chocolate or two or red hot heart candies. Slip in a silly hand drawn valentines card.

Much later, a romantic dinner for two, once you’ve fixed the kids mac ‘n’cheese and packed them off to bed with love and kisses. If there are no kids, just shuck your adult skin and be one.

Did you know that mushrooms are an aphrodisiac? Me neither, but it’s the thought that counts, and besides, Stuffed Mushrooms are an extremely tasty appetizer.

And Red Burgers are a satisfying quick and easy meal. If calories are an issue, enjoy some of Fiona Morgan’s Borscht Soup.

Both recipes can be made ahead, so you don’t need to do much besides look good. Legend has it that if a man & woman eat from the same beetroot, they fall in love. If you’re already in love, a little beetroot can’t hurt.

Set the table with red roses and candlelight. Put some romantic music on. Break out the red wine, and the Chocolate Raspberry Heart Cookiesyou hid, or the slices of decadent chocolate cake you picked up on the way home.

Here’s to Love on a Plate! Happy Valentine’s Day from Savvy Vegetarian

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