How to Make a GREAT Veggie Burger

Making Veggie Burgers: Important Stuff to Know

Veggie Burger

Homemade veggie burgers are easy and nutritious, but they can be either The Ideal Meal or a waste of time and ingredients.

Lately I’ve noticed hundreds of new veggie burger recipes. Every day at least one new variation pops up on Pinterest. It’s fantastic that more and more people are making their own veggie burgers!

7 Reasons Why the Current Veggie Burger Craze Makes Perfect Sense:

1. A good veggie burger can be a COMPLETE MEAL.
2. Veggie burgers are one of the easiest veggie foods to MAKE AT HOME
3. You can FREEZE veggie burgers in large quantities to eat daily
4. If there are veggie burgers in your freezer, for sure you WON’T STARVE.
5. AND you can have supper ready in FIVE MINUTES.
6. Veggie burgers can be extremely TASTY and NUTRITIOUS!
7. LEFT OVER veggie burgers are delicious cold, and travel well.

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Some of the veggie burger recipes I’ve seen look delish, and some of them are more like casseroles served on a bun.

Anyone can make a veggie burger out of a wide variety of ingredients, and they do, sometimes trying to get all possible ingredients in one burger.

It reminds me of being a kid, experimenting in the kitchen, grabbing random foods and mixing them up to make amazing concoctions, feeling incredibly creative!

The results were usually fascinating but inedible, and someone’s Mom was always annoyed that we used up all the ketchup or flour.

So, I’ve been pondering The Anatomy of a Veggie Burger, and I’ve been working on a fool proof formula for creating marvelous veggie burgers from a wide range of possible ingredients. The trick is not to choose too many of the same kind of ingredients.

The successful veggie burger has a certain balance between four different elements: dry, wet, sticky and tasty – and also contains four food groups: veggies, carbs, protein, fats.*

*Note: I made veggies into their own food group, but I don’t count beans as veggies, even though they’re plants. I think that about sums up vegetarian diet, don’t you?

*Eggs and cheese are great binders for veggie burgers, but I don’t eat them, and they aren’t necessary, so you didn’t hear that from me!

All of this is Important Stuff to Know when constructing a veggie burger, as you’ll see when you read the full veggie burger article.

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