Pregnant Vegetarian 7: Zoe Eats like a Queen!

Zoe used to be a picky eater. Then she became the pregnant vegetarian

The Queen

My Mom (a.k.a Savvy Veg) has been visiting us, and oh boy, she’s been feeding me!

I used to be a horribly picky eater. Then I left home and had to cook for myself. Down went my standards. Suddenly, my favorite meal became Food I Did Not Cook. I was willing to try almost anything someone else was willing to cook for me. If it was mostly edible, I was happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a good cook. But I cook only so I can eat well. Having been raised on good cooking, I find most restaurants a let-down. Thus I am forced to cook, and cook well. I have a moderate repertoire, and a few dishes I make to perfection. For example, I firmly believe my apple pie is part of the glue that holds my marriage together. And no one turns their nose up at my lasagna either.

However, when Mom and Dad came to visit, their restricted diet was beyond my cooking comfort zone. They eat vegan, and Dad can’t have gluten or nightshades, among other things. Mom very kindly took over the cooking.

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I was thrilled, and quite prepared to brave strange new foods. Pregnant women are always happy to be fed.

Turns out I really didn’t have to be brave at all. As the Savvy Vegetarian , Mom isn’t fazed by dietary restrictions, and she’s a pretty good cook too.

We ate all kinds of tasty dishes, made even tastier by the fact that I didn’t have to cook them!

I had Brussel sprouts for the first time in my life, and I must say, despite their bad reputation, they were quite edible. Mom roasted them in the oven with sweet potatoes. The sprouts tasted like a cross between broccoli and cabbage. The roasting made their texture very nice, steamed inside with slightly crunchy edges. I can see how they would be quite soggy and vile if a person were to boil them, and I recommend that you never do that. Ever. Steaming is allowed.

Next, Mom catered to my broccoli obsession, making Cream of Broccoli Soup, very mellow and tasty, nice with bread. I came home from a slightly scary Dr. Appointment to find it waiting for me, warm and comforting. Nothing says love like soup from Mom!

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That was just the beginning of the cornucopia of tasty dishes. I suspected Mom of trying to pack a whole pregnancy worth of nutrition into two weeks of meals. I didn’t mind a bit.

We had rice, Simple Mung Dhal and stir fried vegetables, a staple meal growing up, which Mom has perfected. We ate various soups: Chickpea Kale Sweet Potato Stew, Dhal Vegetable Soup (I did say dhal was a staple at our house), and my favorite, Lentil Coconut Spinach Soup. That was so yummy! Fortunately there were leftovers for dinner. I just bought some lentils in hopes of duplicating it and adding it to my own recipe roster.

There were substantial salads, full of cucumber, artichoke hearts, nuts and olives. These we ate along with Hummus and Guacamole, scooped up with tortilla chips and slathered on Gluten Free Flatbread. Mom refined the flatbread recipe over the course of her visit, and it improved quite a bit. The bread tasted good all along, but with tweaking, it rolled out more easily and held itself together well when folded over for sandwiches.

I became quite attached to the Guacamole, and Mom had to mash at least two avocados if anyone else was going to get some.

We also had Tofu Burgers, another childhood staple and already a common dinner at my house. If you haven’t tried this recipe, you are missing out. Everyone I have ever fed these to has loved them, veg and non-veg alike. In fact, I made them for dinner last night and Bryan gave me the “I’m glad I married you” look that is usually reserved for apple pie.

Yes, sadly, I’m back to feeding myself. After eating like a queen for two weeks, it’s a rude let-down. I became quite spoiled by the parade of food I didn’t cook. Mom even made Gluten-Free Raisin Walnut Muffins, another recipe she tested on us (oh the hardship). I was told the texture is best if they are allowed to cool completely. I did not care to wait, and I wasn’t sorry either.

So now I’m reduced to making my own Guacamole and missing my Mommy. Come back and feed me any time, Savvy Veg!

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