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Follow up to the previous post, Vegetarian Blogs About Cooking for Carnivore Husband

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J. M. wrote back and graciously answered all my nosy questions from the previous post, Vegetarian Blogs About Cooking For Carnivore Husband

“First, when I say my hubby won’t eat anything green, that’s just an exaggeration. He does eat green beans, peas, and zucchini. He’ll also eat fried okra and the occasional sauteed green pepper. I don’t limit myself to just these veggies though. Often times I’ll just have a veggie I love (spinach for example) at a meal instead of whatever meat he’s having.”

“I am slowly but surely expanding his horizons. For example, he used to not eat carrots or melons, and now he does. I just ask him to try it. I don’t force him, but I gently encourage. If he hates it, I tell him he only has to have it for that one meal.”

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“He is open to meatless meals – see my recent post regarding cheese enchiladas for example. We also share a great pesto ricotta pizza sometimes. He would prefer meat over not, but he isn’t dissatisfied if I make things like this. We often joke that he has the palate of a five year old, but really he is happy with a lot of things.”

“As for the commingling of meat and non-meat foods – the short answer is we don’t. He uses a separate area on the grill and different tongs. Indoors I use separate pans and utensils – see my post about penne and peppers for pics on how I do this.”
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“We do share our veggies/sides, and I don’t cook two different meals. It’s just too hard. That’s why I’ve listed menu ideas at the end of many of my posts to help people figure this out. It’s taken me a while to get it down.”

“I do do most of the cooking, but I love doing it, so it isn’t a chore. He helps clean up afterwards and that’s what matters most to me! In general, since I do the planning, shopping, and cooking, he probably makes more compromises than I do. We’ve learned to make it work though, and other people can too.”

“I’m happy to answer more questions if you have them! Thanks again for checking out my blog, Cooking4Carnivores.”

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  1. Enchilada Lover says:

    Sounds delicious! I just came back from mexico last month and find myself addicted to these incredible enchilada recipes now!! Must go back next year sometime, I suppose, and this time head off the beaten road a little. Looking to reading more!

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