Ernestly Seeking the Truth About the Paleo Diet

One Canadian Veg’s Reflections on her Paleo Diet Experience

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Diane Amethyst wrote to vent about her paleo diet experiences, and asked for my insights.

I don’t know about insights, but I happened to have a few opinions, and the result was a blog post, Paleo Diet: Fraud, Fad or The Real Deal? – Judith Kingsbury

Here is Diana’s follow-up letter:

At almost 52, I have to really care about my health. My sister has M.S. My Mum had Lupus, RA, and Diabetes. Dad had Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. All these conditions are genetically linked, and I hope to repair the holes in my genes.

I’ve listened to several Paleo podcasts, joined Paleo groups, read Wheat Belly, Paleo Solution, Paleo Diet and Primal Blueprint. Some of the information was decently researched and valid, while some was just wishful thinking.

Somewhere out there is the truth. I want to be able to shake the beaker, have the precipitate settle and be able to see the clear solution.

In the meantime I scratch beneath the facades like the average un-educated, un-pretentious Canadian housewife that I am.

The Upside of Paleo for Vegetarian Diet

Every experience is an opportunity to learn.

One thing I took away from my paleo experience was to really consider my vegetarian carbs and fats. I doubt that I will be buying white rice, potatoes, white flour, sugar or corn again. I will NEVER buy margarine, Crisco or Canola oil again.

I will be buying even more spinach and kale and arugula. I’m reading labels more than ever before and avoiding, where possible, packaged food.

I also have a new respect for healthy fats such as olive oil and coconut oil. Like many vegetarians, I realize that I was shunning fats. After all, if you eat fat, you’ll be fat, right? Not so much.

Eating processed food is pretty bad. Oreos may be vegan, but that doesn’t mean they belong in my cupboard. (Who am I kidding, they barely made it to the cupboard!)

Stuff That I Think is Delusional About Paleo

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Paleo says “Eat organic meat and dairy ONLY”. I think that for every hundred people who go on the Paleo diet, only maybe 5 of them will go full-on organic.

The reality is that meat is really expensive. Organic meat is really, really expensive. Organic dairy is really expensive.

Where will all this money come from? It’s not like I have a few spare piles of cash laying around my basement that I need to get rid of.

The Paleo gurus say that organic cows are better for the environment and that they are against factory farming. That’s really sweet of them.

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In my humble opinion, they are causing a huge increase in the consumption of factory raised beef, pork, chickens, turkey and fish. This isn’t because people are evil. This is because people are cheap (or broke).

I would love to see the spreadsheets for the meat section of any major grocery store for the past five years. My guess is that they would show a significant increase in the sale of factory farmed meats.

I concluded that you can eat badly, no matter whether you plan to legally change your name to Grok, or whether you are an ethical vegan.

I’m back to being a vegetarian because I firmly believe that it’s better for my body. I believe that it is better for the planet. I know that it’s better for the animals. And it tastes better.

If nothing else, I hope that anyone who reads this is reminded to use their own critical thinking processes.

It would be cool to have a time machine to go forward about 30 years and see where the whole vegan/paleo/whole foods/SAD thing leads.

Cheers and Creamy Bowls of Oatmeal!
Diana Amethyst

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  1. Lynn S. says:

    While I most definitely do not think the Paleo diet is a healthy way to eat, I do take issue with the opinions posted by Diana because, well, they sound like opinions! How does she know that only 5 percent of people who eat a Paleo diet use only organic meats? Or that the consumption and sale of farmed meat has increased because people are going Paleo? Her opinions are not backed by facts and therefore unsound….And that’s MY opinion! Thanks for the awesome site Judith! I love your recipes!

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