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Free Protein Teleclass with Savvy Vegetarian

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This Tuesday evening, I’ll be giving a free talk through Global Teleclass.

My free teleclass, How to Get Enough Protein in Your Vegetarian or Vegan Diet, takes place on Tuesday Nov 27th at 8:00 P.M. EST.

Please join me!

The protein teleclass is based on my new protein ebook.

Excerpt from the eBook Intro, The Myth of Protein:

“The number one concern for new vegetarians and vegans is how to get enough protein rich foods.

The most common question that vegetarians and vegans are asked is, where do you get your protein?

The importance of protein is drilled into us daily from childhood. Most of us are raised to believe that we need to eat meat, fish, fowl, dairy and eggs every day to get enough complete proteins.

We tend to regard protein as the most important nutrient by far, and eat more than we need, just to make sure we’re getting enough.

We’re afraid that if we don’t eat large quantities of protein, terrible dietary deficiencies will result.

Vegetarians and vegans aren’t exempt from worrying about our daily protein requirements.

Why do we think that protein is so important?”

I cover that last question in my free teleclass plus: what is protein; vegetarian protein sources; how to get protein into your daily diet; veg children, athletes and protein; beyond protein.

The new protein ebook is 78 packed pages of protein info, and my 40 minute talk will hit all the main points.

There won’t be time to talk much about menus, recipes, references and quotes, but on the other hand, there will be 20 minutes of discussion following the talk, and you won’t need your glasses.

And by the way, I’ll be offering the ebook to class participants at 60% off the regular price, for 4 days following the class.

If you’re registered for my protein class and you miss it, or you want to hear it again, you’ll be able to replay it for 48 hours after the scheduled time.

Remember, the protein teleclass is free and you can listen comfortably in your home, on your phone or computer.

Register Today!

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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  1. Savvy Veg says:

    Hi Steve, I’m sorry for your trouble with the download, and contacting us. We just switched the website to a different server, and a bunch of technical glitches happened as a result. We’ve fixed the contact form, and it works now. I’ll email you the download link. (another thing we’re working on is an onsite shopping cart).

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