Constipation Problems And Constipation Remedies

New Vegetarian on a plant based diet has constipation problems. Savvy Vegetarian has constipation remedies including ayurvedic tips and natural laxatives.


About 7 days ago, I begin a plant based diet, eating organic vegetables when they are available.  I have always had constipation problems and I was hoping this diet would resolve that.

Are there some vegetables that I should eat more of? So far my diet consists of oatmeal, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, onions, asparagus, carrots, lentils and both sweet and regular potatoes. I am eating these mostly raw except for the potatoes and oatmeal.

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Your website is wonderful and it has helped on many questions with this exception. In 7 days, I have only eliminated once and that is because I took something to make that happen.  Please help, I drink plenty of water, water goes right through me, the food stays and I do not want to gain weight please help… J. S.

Savvy Vegetarian Advice:

This is just a guess, but you may need more cooked veggies, more oil, and a more liquid diet. Try drinking warm water which has been boiled – it’s not so likely to go right through you – that’s an Ayurvedic tip.

Some time ago, I published an advice letter about constipation and vegetarian diet, and I think it applies to your situation. Please read it, try my suggestions, and let me know if they help.

If you’re concerned about gaining weight, minimize the oil in your cooking – steaming instead of sauteeing veggies for instance. But don’t eliminate oil from your diet completely, and do be religious about exercising every day.

For a mild natural laxative, try prune juice or stewed prunes, grape juice, licorice tea or senna leaf tea.

Another Ayurvedic Tip: For a mild cleanse (and more intense natural laxative effect), try a semi-fast day of fruit and herbal tea for breakfast, warm water or tea throughout the day, light vegetable soup – such as cream of broccoli soup or cabbage soup or simple mung dhal – for lunch, and no dinner (tea or warm water is fine). Then take 1 Tbsp castor oil in 1/2 cup fresh orange juice in the evening, and go hang out near a bathroom. Eat lightly again the next couple of days.

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One More Bit of Advice: When you change your diet radically, overnight, as you have done, your digestive system is bound to be confused, and even quit on you, as yours has done. Cut your body some slack in this transition, take things in stages, and modify your diet until you’re more comfortable.

All the best, Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

Medical Disclaimer: Any changes that you make to your diet, and the results of those changes, are your decision and responsibility. Savvy Vegetarian and its employees do not claim to be health care professionals, dietitians, or nutritionists. We do not treat, or recommend treatment, for any illness or health condition.

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4 Responses to “Constipation Problems And Constipation Remedies”

  1. Kris Cleary says:

    My comment is a bit late but I can’t stress the importance enough of consuming good amounts of vegetables and some fruits on the side.

    I also HIGHLY recommend eating fermented vegetables like sauerkraut. You can easily make it at home… just two ingredients: cabbage and salt. Why eat fermented foods? The beneficial bacteria is crucial for a healthy digestive tract. I’ve found that people with constipation have a damaged gut flora. They need to replace this with more and moer good bacteria through fermented products.

    Great information on your post. Well Done.

    Kris Cleary

  2. Walking 4-5 kms. after dinner is highly beneficial as it helps in the digestion of food. Mango is a natural reliever of constipation.An apple a day really keeps the doctor away! This is one of the effective diets for constipation.

  3. Jenny says:

    It appears to me that you may not be eating enough fruit and carbohydrates. Bananas, apples and pears contain fibre and pectin, which are beneficial to combat constipation. Add in brown rice, pasta, couscous and quinoa. I second eating cooked veggies. Tomatoes in particular release lycopene when cooked. Steaming and lightly roasting veggies is healthy and tasty.

    I noticed that the only protein in your diet is lentils, might I suggest adding nuts, seeds and legumes?

    Finally another suggestion to help your constipation, flax seeds. Put a teaspoon in a glass of water…let it sit overnight and drink the water (drain from the seeds). Helps me everytime. My mother swears by taking high doses of magnesium to help her constipation, but I found it didn’t work consistantly.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Molly says:

    My suggestion would be LOTS more leafy greens. Where are all the non-starch vegetables? Sounds like the poster is getting plenty of starches and sugar-based vegetables, but very few of the fibrous, cruciferous vegetables. Those babies will help you right along!

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