Pregnant Vegetarian 8: Has pregnancy been too easy?

I’ve had it awfully easy, and I’m starting to get suspicious.

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When you get pregnant, it seems, you join the secret society of Women Who Have Given Birth. Now that I am nice and round, and it is too late for me to run to the condom aisle and prevent my fate, they are telling me STORIES.

You know the ones – the stories they don’t tell non-pregnant women because it might prevent the continuation of the species.

One woman told me she was 14 hours in labor and then had to have a C-section anyway. Another one was in a coma for three days, and unexpectedly lived. A friend’s wife had an epidural, and now has back pain because of it. An acquaintance was doing great with labor, moving right along, then had an epidural which stopped labor and was forced to have a C-section.

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Those are just a sampling of the labor horror stories told to me whether I wanted to hear them or not. I could go on about this for the whole post! One man even got into the action, telling me what he saw when he peeked around the curtain while his wife was having a C-section. I will give no details, but it was gross. Really really gross. (shudder)

Ack! Lucky for me, I am not the type to lose sleep at night worrying. I tend to sleep just fine no matter what – unless I am very very angry, in which case, Bryan prefers the couch.

Actually, I’m sleeping better than ever these days. Still no nausea, I’m eating well, feeling fairly energetic, in good spirits, etc. I haven’t been moody at all – heck, I haven’t even been constipated. I enjoy certain foods more than others, but there hasn’t been anything I absolutely had to have this minute. No late-night food runs (yet), much to Bryan’s relief.

I’ve been baking, gardening, and generally carrying on with my life as usual. Rolling over in bed is a bit more awkward, and I do have to work around the belly. All told, I feel great, and sometimes I forget I’m pregnant for an hour or so.

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The worst things that have happened to me are lightly swollen ankles (I stand all day in my day job, go figure), and one rather painful bout of gas. Raw veggies and dip as a late night dinner are NOT a good idea, no matter what your appetite is telling you. Please learn from my suffering.

What I’m trying to say is: I’ve had an awfully easy time of it and I’m starting to get suspicious. Where are the wild psychotic mood swings? The parade of strange, ill-timed food cravings? The litany of physical ills? OK, my back hurts a bit, but that’s from slouching at the computer, and it doesn’t hurt any more than it did when I practiced bad posture as a non pregnant person.

Is it my happy marriage? My decent (but not perfect) diet? My lack of prior emotional issues to magnify under hormonal stress? Good genes? Am I just one lucky woman?

Or, is the other shoe about to drop?!?!

If you get back to me in two or three weeks, will I be a moody, achy, sleep deprived, constipated, seething cauldron of unreasonable food desires? I seriously doubt it.

In late June, however, when it’s hot and I’m huge, and the baby’s got a foot in my ribs, I may be one angry whale. I’m not making any promises. Bryan has already been warned that he may come home and find it 60 degrees in the house and he’s just going to have to put on a sweater….and feed me.

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2 Responses to “Pregnant Vegetarian 8: Has pregnancy been too easy?”

  1. Catherine Skerrett says:

    I was saying something about each pregnancy being different, having had 2 boys and 2 girls. All older now and a great reminder to tell you to relax, laugh, keep your salt intake low, and thank God that all is going well!

  2. Catherine Skerrett says:

    Cut that out! Every pregnancy is different! I can say that from experience having 4 children. Are you doing fine!! Great! Thank God, and keep your salt in take low, and your spirits high!!!!

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