Pregnant Vegetarian 3: Blood Sugar Vampire

Baby … slurping my blood sugar like a little vampire

Pregnant Zoe Keeland

I have a confession to make. Some of you are going to hate me for this. At least a little.

I have not puked once since I got pregnant. I don’t feel queasy in the mornings, and lately I don’t feel queasy at all.

In fact, the worst I have felt since getting pregnant is when I gave up coffee. The second worst is when I indulged a craving for fried potatoes – for dinner. Please learn from my mistake and don’t do this to yourself.

When the experts say avoid fried food, they really really mean it. The potatoes were tasty, and I virtuously ate peas as well. They went down great and I went to bed thinking “well I guess I’m an exception to that rule as well.”

Smug, overconfident me. Oh man did I feel rotten in the morning. My stomach churned for hours, complaining and threatening illness. Still no puking, but it was a narrow escape.

I did start out feeling queasy in the afternoons, between 2 and 4pm. I would get a bit light-headed and then I’d start to get a headache, and then I’d feel ill. Pretty quickly, I realized that this situation could be headed off with a decent snack. Thank you, fruit and nuts and yogurt.

Blood sugar goes away at an amazing rate when you’re pregnant, I’ve discovered. I used to get hungry and if I ate within 45 minutes, I’d be fine. Now if I try to hold out for 20 minutes, I suffer.

I picture the baby, happily resting on my bladder, slurping my blood sugar like a little vampire. Not that I blame the kid – if I was doubling in size every few weeks, I’d be hungry too.

I had a weepy moment the other day. I was tired after work and there was nothing available of the grab-and-eat variety. Too tired to fix something, I went upstairs and sat down on the couch to read a romance novel. About an hour in, I got to a bittersweet part and was a bit teary eyed – which is normal.

What’s not normal at all is that I set down the book and cried some more. I quickly realized that my blood sugar was through the floor, and as Bryan wouldn’t be home until late at night, too late to rescue me, I’d better feed myself.

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Don’t judge me for eating Oriental Ramen and frozen veggies. I know the vegans will be incensed and point out that it has beef extract in the flavoring, but even chicken stock makes me horribly ill, and this doesn’t, so I figure it has to be the merest smidgen.

Besides, when you’re so hungry that you can’t stop crying because the hero and his very best friend realize they only love each other as friends, a three minute cooking time is of paramount importance.

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I wished that Bryan would bring home cake. There was no junk food in the house except for ice cream and I didn’t want ice cream. I wanted cake. Moist, gooey carrot cake. Or pumpkin cake. With cream cheese frosting.

Occasionally, being pregnant is like sharing my head with a deranged calorie driven seven-year-old. Have you ever tried to talk a seven-year-old out of cake?

Anyway, aiming to avoid becoming a complete basket case, I am learning new habits. I must always eat breakfast. Always. I also must have a snack between breakfast and lunch, and again right after work (even if there is nothing easy to eat).

The snacks don’t have to be major, but they can’t just be fruit. That doesn’t stick with me long enough. Craisins and soaked walnuts are an amazingly tasty combo. Peanut butter and honey on toast is another winner.

I wouldn’t turn my nose up at cake either … if there were some on hand … pumpkin is very nutritious, right? And cream cheese has calcium…

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