The Pregnant Vegetarian 4: Food Addict

Food Cravings During Pregnancy: Let the Pregnant Vegetarian Eat Pumpkin Cake

Pumpkin Cake

Some of you may have read my previous comments on cake, and suspected that it was only the beginning. You were right of course.

I am now all about food. I have strong thoughts about foods I’d like to eat, so strong I can almost taste them. Interestingly, aside from cake daydreams, they are not for junk food.

Yes, the Occupy Zoe Movement (a movement of one) has been growing stronger and it has demands! Demands about food mostly, that I have difficulty opposing.

It started with broccoli. I’ve always been fond of broccoli, but now it tastes amazing. It’s the best broccoli I’ve ever eaten. I love it and it’s a good thing Bryan likes it too, or he’d be fixing alternate dinners while I ate broccoli, steamed, stir fried, raw in salad…Num! Wonder if Savvy Veg has a good cream of broccoli soup recipe. Now that sounds really good!

Some cravings last longer than others. I went through 6 lbs of cherries before that one went away. I think Bryan got to eat about three cherries total. Thank goodness they were on sale for half price.

If you’ve ever priced out-of-season cherries, and then bought them: a) You make too much money to care about your food budget, or b) You are forced to overcome your sticker shock and buy them for a special occasion, or c)You’re pregnant, feel you must have them, and can’t be rational about it.

On the other hand, I had a craving for dill pickles that lasted a week until I finally had some, and I haven’t thought about them since. I just want to point out that since I didn’t also crave ice cream, craving pickles does not (yet) make me a pregnancy cliche.

The fact that I had a yen for walnuts and bought a 5 lb bag of them – now that might make me a cliche. There are a LOT of walnuts in a 5 lb bag.

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Fruit has been very popular at my house ever since the Occupy Zoe Movement began. I must keep some sort of fruit on hand at all times. Most recently, it has been grapefruit. Juicy, heavy, sweet red grapefruit, peeled and eaten like an orange.

Those I have to share with Bryan – apparently I’m not the only one with a thing for grapefruit. In fact, the other day he ate THE LAST ONE! I was very sad. But I had to forgive him, and I’ll tell you why in a minute. Besides, I just bought more. They’re nice and heavy – very promising.

Why I Forgave Bryan for Eating The Last Grapefruit:

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I had an annoyingly persistent craving for cake. It filled my mind and made my mouth water. I tried to let it go but it wouldn’t budge. I tried to sate it with store-bought cake – no luck. It was pumpkin cake I wanted, moist gooey cake with chocolate chips like our neighbor bakes at Christmas time.

At the same time, we were short-handed at work, and I worked 13 days in a row without a full day off. During the first trimester. You know, the one characterized by fatigue? Ugh. I was exhausted. Much as I wanted that cake, I was lucky if I had the energy to bake a potato, forget anything else.

Ten days into the work marathon, I came home hungry and exhausted, too strung out to take care of myself. Bryan sat me down in the kitchen with a cup of tea and made me a snack.

That was really nice of him – but wait, there’s more! As I watched in growing wonder, he proceeded to bake me a cake. Not just any old cake either. He got the recipe from our neighbor for that fabulous pumpkin chocolate chip cake, and baked it for me, because he knew I was too tired to do it myself.

It was delicious. Really Really delicious.

An unexpected man-made grapefruit shortage is the tiniest most insignificant event, when I know that I can count on that man to bake me a cake when I need it the most. As far as I’m concerned, he can have the last grapefruit out of this bag too.

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  1. JK says:

    I am really enjoying these posts!! And Brian is a dear! I look forward to following you on this exciting, and sometimes smelly, journey :)

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