Pregnant Vegetarian 9: The Mad Gardener

Everything is green & growing, there’s new life everywhere

Garden Goddess

Spring has come early this year, and with great gusto! No nasty late frosts have come along to spoil things, so everything is green and growing. It seems like an appropriate time of year to be pregnant. There’s new life everywhere – why not in my belly?

Some of this new life is quite exciting to this increasingly hungry incubator. For one thing, my peas are up in the garden, about eight inches tall and just starting to grab the fence. I have been out in the garden admiring them while I dig up dandelions.

Yes, as well as feeding me while she visited, The Savvy Vegetarian helped me plant peas, so I could realize my dream of garden grazing. I have also, all by myself, created a raised bed for carrots. This is about the only way to grow carrots in Southern Missouri soil. It involves mixing dirt with sand, and pulling out rocks. And, er, if my doctor asks, we’ll tell her Bryan lifted the 50lb bag of sand that was involved.

So there will be carrots too! Tasty juicy carrots fresh from my new raised bed! You can’t get that taste from a grocery store. Some of these carrots may even make it as far as the house to be cooked. We’ll see. I may just brush them off right there and dine alfresco!

Speaking of grazing dreams, there are flowers on the blueberry bushes! Plus the wild black raspberries have buds on them! Soon there will be fruit! I am salivating at the thought. Oh! And my handful of strawberry plants have little green berries on them! If you have never eaten a ripe strawberry straight out of the garden, you have led a sad, deprived life. Commercial strawberries are a pale imitation, although organic strawberries can get much closer to the real thing.

I also have plans to put in as much basil as I have room for. This summer, I will be the pesto queen! Already I have acquired a five pound bag of cashews, and the garlic is going strong out in the garden!

It’s safe to say Mom passed the Mad Gardener gene on to me, and I suspect it’s one of those conditions made worse by each pregnancy. I speculate that before she had three children, she might have been a casual gardener, with a few tomato plants and some herbs in the ground – maybe a zucchini or two….Now she could quite easily add a gardening section to the site (in her copious spare time). I remember being thrilled when she discovered No-Till gardening. Guess who usually got the pleasure of pitchforking in the spring. Yep, that would be me.

While I wait for all this garden goodness to materialize, there have been some decent mangoes in the grocery store, as well as adequate (and cheap) strawberries. Bryan and I have been making Smoothies! We take one Greek yogurt, one banana, a small mango, about ten medium sized strawberries, and a handful of blueberries. We toss it all into the blender and pour in milk until it reaches the desired thickness. When the peaches aren’t so sad looking, we’ll throw in one of those too.

It usually makes two pint glasses of smoothie with a slightly smaller serving left over for later. The leftover serving won’t keep well at all beyond 24 hours (refrigerated, in a jar), but that works out well for me, as I feel completely justified in having it as an afternoon snack. It wouldn’t keep, after all. And Bryan can always make more. Besides, I’m the pregnant one – I need the calories more.

For those of you who are vegan, I know Savvyvegetarian makes an excellent non-dairy fruit smoothie, so don’t worry that you are missing out.

Unless you don’t immediately run and make one of these things for yourself.
Then you are missing out.
That would be sad.

Baby Veg loves these too, apparently. They are quite an energy boost. I drank the leftover serving after work a couple days ago, and then as I was lying on the couch, putting my feet up, she started to boogie. Normally I get a few jabs and a roll or two. This time, she was moving so much that watching my belly was like watching sheet lightening through thick clouds. She was rolling all over the place, poking and jabbing, stretching, rolling some more – it was quite a show. I gave up trying to read and just watched the action.

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