Win a Copy of Whole, by T. Colin Campbell

Win T. Colin Campbell’s Book ‘Whole, Rethinking the Science of Nutrition’! Giveaway Completed 8.26.13

Win a Copy of Whole

An excellent book which could save your life! Read the Savvy Vegetarian review of Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

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T. Colin Campbell, well known author of The China Study, says “We talk about the health-care system in America, but that’s a misnomer; what we really have is a disease-care system”, which he explains in detail.

We kind of know all this if we’re the sort to question the established order. I admit to being a little vague on the details. But not anymore!

Whole is an eye-opening trip from first page to last, starting with the three sections of the book: Enslaved by the System, on through Paradigm as Prison, then Subtle Power and its Wielders.

T. Colin Campbell asks, “How healthy is the Whole Food Plant Based diet? It’s hard to imagine anything healthier – or anything more effective at addressing our biggest health issues…if the WFPB diet were a pill, its inventor would be the wealthiest person on earth. Since it isn’t a pill and nobody has figured out how to get wealthy by showing people how to eat it, the truth has been buried…”

According to Campbell, there will be no cures for cancer or anything else as long as medical research, medicine and nutrition take a reductionist rather than a wholistic approach to health.

In the last chapter, Making Ourselves Whole, T. Colin Campbell says “It’s time for … a real revolution – one that begins by challenging our individual beliefs and changing our diets, and ends with the transformation of our society as a whole.”

Amen to all that!. Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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