Why Savvy Veg Loves Beans (and so should you)

Love Beans

Beans & Lentils – Nutritious, Delicious, Versatile, Cheap, Vegan – What’s Not to Love? My bean adventures began in 1968 when I first went vegetarian. You’d have thought that I was eating food from another planet, beans & lentils (a.k.a. legumes) seemed so strange to me. The only legumes that I had ever eaten, were […]

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How Sugar & HFCS Cause Obesity

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Sugar & high fructose corn syrup: How they make you fat and what you can do about it I recently read two articles about sugar, and what it does to your body, especially sugar in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup. I’m telling you, it made me want to give up sugar for life […]

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Is Quinoa a Carb or a Protein When Dieting?

quinoa salad

Quinoa, quinoa nutrition, dieting, carbs, protein When cooking with quinoa would I consider this as a carb or a protein when dieting? Quinoa appears to be extremely high in carbs but is said to be 100% protein. I am summer-sizing and must eliminate and combine foods properly. Please help. Thanks. – D.S. Savvy Vegetarian Advice: […]

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How Many Avocados Can You Eat & Still Lose Weight?


New to vegetarian diet, wondering how many avocados you can eat and still lose weight. How many calories in avocado? I have asked this question of my many friends on Twitter and Facebook but no one seems to know or have the answer. How many avocados can a person eat and still lose weight? I […]

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New Veg Eats Healthy But Is Hungry & Depleted

Broccoli Head

Vegetarian 4 months, feeling hungry a lot of the time, body feels depleted, brain function seems slower! Hello, I need some advice about my diet I have been a vegetarian for about 4 months now. Over the last few weeks I have found myself feeling hungry a lot of the time. My body simply feels […]

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60 Year Old Vegetarian Wants To Lose Weight

Yoga Woman

Daily exercise, plant based diet and counting calories for weight loss Hi! I’m 60 and have been totally veg for about 8 months. I eat a plant-based, whole grain, no oil diet. I don’t eat any soy products except non-fat Westsoy milk in coffee and cereal. I’ve stopped being diabetic and hypertense and no longer […]

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7 Yr Old Vegetarian Child Has Behavior Issues

Veggie Boy

Vegetarian child behavior issues – is he getting enough calories? Does he have food sensitivities, indigestion, constipation? Hi, I just stumbled on your website and wonder if you might have any advice for me. My 7 year old went vegetarian (lacto-ovo) 2 months ago. The rest of the family are omnivores, but I grew up […]

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Mom Says Vegetarian Son Not Getting Enough Protein

Lettuce Mouth

My 19 yr old son went vegetarian 5 months ago, and he doesn’t seem to be getting enough protein or adequate nutrition

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