Why Savvy Veg Loves Beans (and so should you)

Love Beans

Beans & Lentils – Nutritious, Delicious, Versatile, Cheap, Vegan – What’s Not to Love? My bean adventures began in 1968 when I first went vegetarian. You’d have thought that I was eating food from another planet, beans & lentils (a.k.a. legumes) seemed so strange to me. The only legumes that I had ever eaten, were […]

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Is Quinoa a Carb or a Protein When Dieting?

quinoa salad

Quinoa, quinoa nutrition, dieting, carbs, protein When cooking with quinoa would I consider this as a carb or a protein when dieting? Quinoa appears to be extremely high in carbs but is said to be 100% protein. I am summer-sizing and must eliminate and combine foods properly. Please help. Thanks. – D.S. Savvy Vegetarian Advice: […]

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How Processed Foods Make You Fat and Sick

Processed Food

Processed food health hazards: genetically modified organisms, high fructose corn syrup, TVP, MSG Humans have been processing their food in various ways for thousands of years, right? Freezing, drying, preserving and canning come to mind. So what’s the problem? I recently sampled a brand of veggie burger which shall remain anonymous as there isn’t much […]

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Can Vegetarians Eat Too Much ‘Good’ Fat?


Legumes & grains, low fat protein for those who want to become vegetarian. Eat only a small handful of nuts and seeds per day! My boyfriend and I recently made the decision to become vegetarians and while we are loving it, we have run into a little problem. I started tracking everything we were eating […]

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The Most Important Advice For Going Vegetarian

Going Veg

College grad wants a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet because it’s cheap, healthy, and more environmentally friendly. What’s your most important piece of advice? I’ve recently been thinking about moving to a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet for a few reasons: because I’ve heard it’s cheap, healthy, and more environmentally friendly. I just graduated University and during that time […]

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