Pregnant Vegetarian 6: Doctors and Nutrition

Fruit Salad

Zoe Gets Off Her Soapbox And Back In The Produce Section Well, I had to get a new Obgyn. Thanks a lot Corporate America. My employer changed insurance companies and now my former doctor is out of network. So, off to the new doctor, and a rehash of the I’m-a-vegetarian conversation. Sigh. Apparently, Obgyns do […]

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The Pregnant Vegetarian 4: Food Addict

Pumpkin Cake

Food Cravings During Pregnancy: Let the Pregnant Vegetarian Eat Pumpkin Cake Some of you may have read my previous comments on cake, and suspected that it was only the beginning. You were right of course. I am now all about food. I have strong thoughts about foods I’d like to eat, so strong I can […]

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Savvy Vegetarian