American Vegan Shopping, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

produce small grocery store boca de tomatlan mexico

When I first went shopping in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I was stunned by the low price of food By food, I mostly mean fresh vegetables & fruit, and minimally processed food like rice and beans. Processed food such as jam or peanut butter, olive oil or pasta is cheaper than in the U.S., but expensive […]

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Goodbye Root Veggies, Hello Spring Greens!

Spring Peas

Peas, Spinach & Asparagus Delicious & Nutritious Spring means tulips, little league, and fresh, tasty green vegetables. This week Savvy Vegetarian and the letter ā€œDā€ (for delicious) bring you three of our favorite spring vegetables: Peas, spinach, and asparagus. In addition to being delicious, peas, spinach, and asparagus are brimming with Vitamins and Minerals! PEAS […]

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