Vegetarian Wife with Non-Veg Husband

Healthy Digestion

Wife goes vegetarian, needs help feeding her non-veg husband For about the past year, I have been having very painful digestive issues. Approximately 20 minutes after eating, i get horrible stomach cramps and one way or another, that food is coming back out. I have pinpointed it to meats, fatty foods, fried foods, heavy creams […]

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Nutritionist Response to Ignorant MD About Veg Diet

Lori Zito

Nutritionist responds to email from a doctor to vegetarian patient – guide for those with doctors ignorant about vegetarian diet & nutrition Nutritionist Lori Zito’s article, Dear Ego of Dr. Ignorant, responds point by point to an actual email written by a doctor to his patient who has gone vegetarian. Apart from her understandable angry sarcasm […]

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Is it Good to Go Vegetarian with an Eating Disorder?

eating disorder

21 with eating disorder, wants to go vegetarian, treatment team & Savvy Vegetarian say not a good idea Question for Savvy Vegetarian:   Hi, I”m 21 and after thinking about it for a long time, I have recently decided to go vegetarian. There are a number of reasons including animal welfare, the environment and tending […]

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Vegetarian Diet & Health Over 55: Lower Cancer Risk

Never Too Late

Plant based diet, vegetarian diets protect health, low-fat vegan diet critical for lower cancer risk, heart attack risk, reversing diabetes – Dr. Neil Bernard According to the latest research from AICR, 1 in 3 “older adults” (55 and up) don’t know about the connections between diet and disease, or think that it’s too late to […]

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Your Vegetarian Diet Is YOUR Business!

Frustrated College Girl

How to NOT debate vegetarianism with friends, family and others Question for Savvy Vegetarian: First of all, let me thank you for your website! I’m a vegetarian college student (veg for almost 4 years now) and I want to thank you for this enormous resource. I’ve learned how to cook quinoa, how to prepare shopping lists, what to […]

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Cut Monsanto & GMO Foods Out of Your Life

April Davila

How to cut out GMO foods & Monsanto – avoid genetically modified corn, high fructose corn syrup & processed foods, go organic, go vegetarian Article excerpt from A Month Without Monsanto, published 8.26.10 by April Dávila YES! Magazine, via Author April Dávila wondered what it would take to cut the GMO giant, Monsanto, and GMO foods out of her family’s life. She […]

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The Vegetarian Hundredth Monkey Effect

Hundredth Monkey

As vegetarians we can influence others to go vegetarian, without making a big effort to convert them, through the hundredth monkey effect, powerful because it’s viral I’ve been a vegetarian since 1973. My partner has been increasingly more of a “flexitarian,” I like to think because of me. Without realizing it, she’s been cooking a […]

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Savvy Vegetarian