New Teen Vegetarian Scared to Tell Parents

Scared To Tell

New 16 year old vegetarian, super-conservative parents don’t know, terrified to tell them Hey, I am a newly declared, sixteen year old vegetarian, and my parents simply do not know. . . . yet. They are super conservative and I have kept my vegetarianism a secret so far. Often times we’re not at the dinner […]

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‘Bad’ Food Days: Picking Up & Moving On|Vicki Chamberlain

bad habit good habit

For many people, health is a major reason for going vegetarian A vegetarian diet is much healthier; it’s rich in fiber, vitamins, lean protein and complex carbohydrates. Surely, if we’re not distracted by meat dishes, we’ll be more likely to eat fresh fruits and veggies, right? This is logical- but ‘logical’ doesn’t always mean ‘true’. […]

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The Jazzy Vegetarian Interviews The Savvy Vegetarian

The Jazzy Vegetarian, Laura Theodore

Savvy Vegetarian was interviewed by the Jazzy Vegetarian, Laura Theodore, today on Blog Talk Radio, along with cookbook author Robin Robertson. What fun! This post is a close approximation of the transcript. 1) What is a Savvy Vegetarian? Well informed about vegetarian diet & nutrition, persistent and patient in transitioning to a vegetarian diet, balanced […]

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8 yr old goes veg, Mom worried about calories

Kid Vegetarian

Prevent skinny vegetarian children with kid friendly recipes and multivitamins My 8 year old daughter became a vegetarian two months ago. My husband and I who are not vegetarian are trying our best to support her choice. She is also an avid dancer training two to three hours a day. This is HER choice, we […]

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Reluctant Vegetarian: How to Stop Eating Meat?

Reluctant Vegetarian

How do I become vegetarian when it’s so hard to get over meat cravings caused by simply loving the taste of meat? Dear Judith, I discovered your website quite a while ago, and have recently stumbled across it again. I love the recipes, and this advice blog is great. I’ve become vegetarian at least twice […]

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New Vegan: Are Cravings Normal? What About Soy?

Meat Cravings

I just started my new vegan lifestyle. I want to know if my cravings for meat and dairy are normal, and how much soy is too much? I just started my new vegan lifestyle about a week ago. I was searching the internet to see if my cravings for meat and dairy were normal and […]

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No More Playing ‘Taunt The Vegetarian’

Taunt You

As I keep saying, the world is going vegetarian! Proof: Our friends who liked to torture us about our veg diet are now adopting a plant based diet! My husband and I are friends with a couple who had fun playing “taunt the vegetarian”, an irritating game where the non-veg places emphasis on meat, rude […]

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Savvy Vegetarian