Vegetarian Wants Energy Diet & Supplements

Tired Woman

57 yr old vegetarian woman lacks energy, needs advice on diet, protein, nutritional supplements Message for Savvy Vegetarian: I have been vegetarian, in various stages, for 35 years. I have 2 reasons for writing. 1) I have been out of work for 3 years. I have a cupboard full of dhals, beans and split beans […]

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Choose Carob for Healthy Valentine’s Treats

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Have a healthy valentine’s day. Give your sweetheart carob candy instead of chocolate, or bake a healthy carob cake. Carob is known as a chocolate substitute, but this seductively sweet food has both the substance and the flavor to earn its own merit. The color is the same as that of dark chocolate, although the […]

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Vegetarian Needs Help with Non-Veg Boyfriend

Couple Crisis

Loves being vegetarian, but boyfriend of four years is the king of carnivores! She completely supports him but he does not support her at all When I was growing up, my family was extremely anti-veg. It was pretty much meat and dessert type thing. Now as I live on my own I realize my love […]

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Vegetarian Diet For Celiac Disease

Anti Wheat

Advice needed on gluten free vegetarian diet for someone with Celiac Disease So many great foods that other veggies enjoy (veggie burgers, soy crumbles, etc.) have gluten, and are off limits to me. It does get a bit discouraging at times. There is a great Veggie group where I live and I can’t even attend […]

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Savvy Vegetarian